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Wales beat England to reopen group exercise as lockdowns ease


By Tom Walker May 04, 2021

While Wales is the latest UK country to reopen facilities, it is the first to allow organized indoor group activities / Shutterstock / Bojan Milinkov

Northern Ireland’s health clubs and leisure centers reopened on Friday April 30, with Welsh facilities welcoming athletes from today (May 4).

While Wales is the last UK country to allow facilities to reopen, it is also the first to allow the resumption of organized indoor group activities, ahead of England, Scotland and Ireland North.

Group exercises in Wales will initially be limited to 15 people per class and permitted activities include swimming and exercise classes.

In Northern Ireland, group exercise classes will not be permitted until May 24th.

This is the first time this year that leisure facilities can open to visitors in these two nations and follows the reopening of physical activity areas in England (April 12) and Scotland (April 26).

Huw Edwards, CEO of ukactive, said: “It has been an incredibly difficult year for our industry and the past few months have been particularly difficult for our members in Wales due to continued uncertainty over the timing of the reopening of the industry. government.

“We are delighted to see many gymnasiums, swimming pools and recreation centers reopen their doors, which will be a long-awaited relief for these organizations and the communities they proudly serve.

“Our members have shown extraordinary courage and resilience in the most challenging environments, having to make tough operational decisions while facing no membership income during this lockdown period.

“These facilities are essential for the health and well-being of the people of Wales and can now begin again to support the nation’s physical, mental and social recovery.

“However, we know that some facilities will not reopen and we will continue to fight hard for the financial and regulatory support that is still urgently needed so that as many as possible can survive and fully recover.”

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Celebrity Cruises partners with Gwyneth Paltrow for exclusive goop wellness concept


/// Actress, entrepreneur and founder of a lifestyle brand Hello Gwyneth Paltrow Has Been Appointed Cruise Line Wellness Advisor Celebrity cruises.

In his new role, Paltrow designed a wellness event concept named goop at Sea for the company’s newest luxury liner. Celebrity Beyond, with a spa designed by award-winning British designer Kelly Hoppen.

The event will feature a live Q&A with Paltrow and goop’s content manager Elise Loehnen, mental health workshops, group workouts and spirituality sessions.

Guests can also expect extra goop-themed extras and amenities to complement their cruise along the way.

Paltrow commented, “As Celebrity Cruises’ new Wellness Advisor, I will be working with my team at goop to incorporate some of our favorite practices and tools to deepen wellness and joy.

Celebrity Beyond is slated to debut on April 27, 2022 with goop at Sea along with new accommodation options named AquaClass Sky Suites, designed as wellness retreats to help guests restore and rebalance.

All AquaClass guests in the Celebrity Cruises fleet (except Galapagos cruises) will benefit from onboard wellness offers and programming hosted by Paltrow and goop, who will also participate in the new Women in initiative. Wellness by Celebrity Cruises.

Celebrity BeyondThe spa will feature 23 treatment rooms equipped with Gharieni Group’s wellness technology and a spa menu featuring a range of Elemis treatments and medical cosmetic therapies.

Additional facilities will include a float room, crystalarium, infrared sauna, steam room, salt room, mist steam room and rain room, as well as fitness areas and beauty services.

Celebrity Beyond will become the sister ship to existing Celebrity Cruise ships Celebrity edge and Celebrity summit, both of which have substantial spa concepts.

Celebrity Beyond showcase the design talents of American designer Nate Berkus; the Parisian design firm Jouin Manku; British architect Tom Wright; and the culinary gifts of Michelin-starred chef and restaurateur Daniel Boulud.

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Mark Wahlberg Joins Power Plate as Stakeholder and Brand Ambassador


/// Actor Mark Wahlberg has officially joined Power Plate as an investor in the parent company, Performance Health Systems and a brand ambassador for the product. He will also be a consultant on strategy, product development and programming.

Wahlberg has a long history of investing in fitness through his Mark Wahlberg investment group, having been one of the original shareholders of F45.

He claims to have been a Power Plate user for 15 years, claiming that vibration training plays an important role in his own training and wellness oriented lifestyle.

“The fact that Power Plate has been relatively unknown for such a long time surprised me,” Wahlberg said. “I have been a satisfied customer for over a decade, so I decided to get involved in raising awareness about their revolutionary products. “

“It’s not often that you have the opportunity to align yourself with someone who can impact every facet of a business, from personal investment to business strategy to increasing profitability. brand awareness and credibility, but that’s exactly what Mark brings to Power Plate, ”Lee said. Hillman, CEO of Performance Health Systems. “He is a rare person whose voice resonates with consumers on a truly global level.

“Over the years Power Plate training and vibration have been validated by medical, academic and exercise science and yet it remains a mystery to too many people. We believe that Mark can play an invaluable role in changing that, and we could ‘I wouldn’t be happy to have him on board anymore,’ he said.

“Mark is more than a famous investor. He brings a deep understanding of fitness methodology, nutrition and business strategy,” said Hillman. “His involvement in our business brings a huge range of possibilities, and we intend to explore them as much as possible.”

For Wahlberg, Power Plate is the latest addition to an investment portfolio that includes other fitness-focused brands and companies in addition to F45, including performance-inspired nutritional products and municipal sports equipment.

The actor is well known for undertaking physical transformations to enable him to play specific roles, including building up 56 pounds of muscle to take him from 165 pounds to 221 pounds.

His most extreme role to date was as a bodybuilder in the movie Pain & Gain.

Wahlberg has 16.3 million Instagram followers and regularly posts details about his workout schedule, which includes going to bed at 7:30 p.m., getting up at 2:30 a.m., doing a 90-minute workout starting at 3:40 a.m. and with a second workout. the evening.

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Mushroom Council partners with Food Network to promote mushroom / meat mix


SHORES OF REDWOOD, CALIF. – The Mushroom Council has partnered with the Food Network to showcase The Blend, a cutting-edge culinary technique of mixing finely chopped fresh mushrooms with minced meat for burgers and other highly nutritious, delicious and delicious dishes. sustainable.

“It is estimated that the Food Network campaign will reach over 90 million impressions this year, keeping mushrooms in mind and moving us closer to making The Blend the default choice for burger lovers,” said Sonya Beltran, president of the Mushroom Council and operations manager of Masda Mushrooms / First Generation Farms in Toughkenamon, PA.

Launched on May 3 and continuing throughout the summer, the multimedia collaboration with Food Network is one of the largest partnerships ever undertaken by the Mushroom Council.

The Mushroom Council’s 2021 partnership with Food Network targets a mass consumer audience and presents:

  • The Mixed Burger Contest encourages people from across the country to enter their own Mixed Burger Recipe at FoodNetwork.com/blendedburgercontest. The competition will have two components: one for home cooks and one for professional chefs, cooks or caterers. Each category will award $ 10,000 to the best recipe entry.
  • A mix of burgers and a special recipe booklet in Food Network Magazine. In subscriber mailboxes and in retail stores by May 18, the June burger-themed issue of Food Network Magazine will feature a special recipe book titled “Secret Ingredient: Mushrooms.” This slide-out recipe book features mushrooms in a range of mushroom and meat mix recipes, including tacos, dan dan noodles, and chili and lettuce wraps.
  • The Mixed Burgers Recipe video featuring Food Network’s Kardea Brown custom mixed burgers recipe, “Kardea Brown’s Southern Mushroom-Beef Burgers,” will appear on the Food Network website, the brand’s Facebook and Instagram pages as well. than on Brown’s own Instagram page.
  • Newsletter promotions with calls for competitions featured in Food Network’s widely read e-blasts.
  • Digital ads appearing on Food Network websites and social media pages.
  • The Mushroom Council will present its very first television advertising campaign. Starting in June, a 15-second commercial for the Mushroom Council will air across the network’s entire schedule. The ads will tout the mushrooms, showcase The Blend, and encourage entry into the Blended Burger contest.

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Disney spreads its magic on a new animatronic robot



Disney imaginers revealed a free-roaming animatronic

The robot was developed as part of Walt Disney’s “Project Kiwi” Imagineering Research & Development

Tightly integrated robot design offers over 50 degrees of freedom in a compact platform

He can bring robotic characters to life with expressive movements and is able to walk, gesture and move in style

Disney Imagineers has revealed a free-roaming animatronic that could revolutionize the design of visitor experience and experience at attractions.

Using cutting edge technology – and developed as part of Walt Disney Imagineering Research & Development’s “Kiwi Project” – the small-scale robotic actor can take on the role of a Disney character without the need for human actors.

The tightly integrated animatronics design delivers over 50 degrees of freedom in a compact platform that can walk, gesture, and move in style. Most of the components were custom made to meet size and weight requirements.

Walt Disney Imagineering said, “Using custom creation tools that combine full body motion planning and traditional character animation, artists can quickly bring robotic characters to life with expressive movements and interactive behaviors.

A prototype of the “Project Kiwi” technology – in the form of the character Groot from the Marvel Universe – was recently presented to the media and is currently being used to test unique traits, gait, and abilities.

Disney’s in-depth knowledge of realistic animation was used to inform the development of the prototype – with software capable of expressing a range of personalities through gait and posture.

Disney says the 2021 iteration of animatronics may cope with environmental factors such as wind and uneven surfaces, but is not yet ready to be fully deployed, so there are no immediate plans for it. use the technology in Disney parks and the project remains in the laboratory for the moment.

The next stage of development will see Imagineers working on two additional features: actuators that will allow the robot to “handle sudden human interactions” and sensors that will allow it to identify human faces and interact appropriately.

Customizing technology to record guest recognition has long been a priority for Disney, as part of its philosophy of deep engagement.

Once ready for deployment, the robotic actor should be made to take the form of a number of kid-sized Disney characters.

See a video of the evolution of the Kiwi project below.

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Rosewood to expand its APAC footprint with Japan’s first resort and spa


/// Rosewood Hotels and Resorts will debut in Japan in 2024 in a destination renowned for its exquisite beaches and vibrant marine life.

The hotel group has been mandated by Mitsubishi Estate to manage the ultra-luxury Rosewood Miyakojima in the Okinawa archipelago, located in southern Japan.

The 55-villa complex will occupy a secluded peninsula surrounded on three sides by white sand beaches, dramatic rock formations and expansive ocean views.

Asaya, Rosewood’s pioneering integrated wellness concept, will offer treatment rooms set amid private gardens, indoor and outdoor hydrotherapy facilities, and a menu of programs and services influenced by local healing traditions.

“We are extremely pleased that our first presence in Japan is in this exquisite location, where Rosewood’s signature A Sense of Place concept will be expressed in such a spectacular setting and rich culture,” said Sonia Cheng, CEO from Rosewood.

The next destination is part of Rosewood’s broader expansion plans for Asia, which includes four more resorts planned for China.

Designed by Netherlands-based Studio Piet Boon, the architecture and interiors of the resort’s accommodation are designed to immerse guests in the natural environment and express harmony with the island through intensive use of materials. local.

Each will include private pools, landscaped gardens and stunning sea views.

Mitsubishi Jisho Sekkei also provides local architectural expertise and support in realizing the design vision.

Additional facilities will include four restaurants and bars with casual beachfront concepts and a Rosewood Explorer Club for the youngest.

Beyond the resort, guests will discover an abundance of scenic spots, from the majestic natural stone arch of nearby Sunayama Beach to the seven-kilometer stretch of Yonaha Maehama, consistently rated as Japan’s best beach and renowned for its sunsets. of cinematic sun.

“Rosewood’s sensitivity to its places and its dedication to the highest levels of hospitality excellence, which are perfectly in line with our philosophy of urban developments, inspired us to appoint them to manage this very special complex”, said Atsushi Nakajima, Managing Director, Mitsubishi Estate.

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Antihistamines May Block All Benefits of Exercise


By Tom Walker Apr 28, 2021

Many People Take Antihistamines Before Exercising Outdoors / Shutterstock / Maridav

Taking antihistamines before exercise can prevent the body from fully benefiting from exercise.

That’s the conclusion of a new study, which found that antihistamines reduce normal increases in blood flow to muscles by 35% during exercise.

Led by the University of Ghent and the University of Copenhagen and published in the Scientists progress newspaper, the study also found that antihistamines lowered aerobic capacity, blocking improvements in circulation and the body’s ability to tolerate glucose through exercise.

Antihistamines are a drug commonly used by people with hay fever – and many take them before exercising outside.

Lead author of the study, sports scientist Professor Wim Derave said HCM: “Physical training induces health-promoting adaptations to several organ systems, orchestrated by an interaction between various exercise factors and signaling events.

“In the present study, we show that histamine H1 / H2 signaling is an essential transducer of the response to adaptive exercise training, with broad clinical relevance: aerobic capacity, glycemic control and vascular function.

“These adverse effects of H1 / H2 blockade on functional outcome were caused by altered adaptations of key regulatory proteins, illustrating the integrative role of H1 / H2 receptors in mediating responses to exercise.

“A potential functional cause of blunt training adaptations with histamine receptor blockade is significantly reduced post-exercise muscle perfusion.”

To read the full research paper, titled Histamine H1 and H2 receptors are essential transducers of the integrative exercise training response in humans, Click here

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Chicago’s iconic Willis Tower skydeck reopens after redevelopment



Chicago’s Willis Tower Skydeck attraction opened following a redevelopment

Skydeck is the centerpiece of a visitor experience which also includes a new interactive exhibit showcasing the city’s architecture

In addition to the views, customers can indulge in informative videos about the city’s growth

The Skydeck was developed and operated by EQ Office, the operator of Willis Tower

Chicago’s Willis Tower Skydeck attraction – which held the title of tallest building in the world for 25 years – has reopened after a major redevelopment.

Designed by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM), Thinc Design and Chicago Scenic Studios, the Skydeck is the centerpiece of a visitor experience that also includes a new interactive exhibit showing how architecture has shaped history and l Chicago identity.

Upon entering the 110-story Willis Tower, guests are guided through the interactive exhibit, while a squint / Opera flyover video provides an immersive tour of the skyline.

An elevator ride to the 103rd floor then reveals the transformed observation deck.

Interior upgrades, improved lighting, and upgrades in building technology allow dramatically expanded views across the city, while new interactive displays encourage visitors to learn more about Chicago’s historic architecture.

In addition to the sights, customers can indulge in informative videos about the city’s growth, travel habits, cultural attractions, and the making and history of The Ledge.

Guests are invited to mark the city by creating designs or messages on the interactive glitter wall.

The Skydeck was developed and operated by EQ Office, the operator of Willis Tower, and built by RL Edward Partners and Clark Construction Group.

David Moore, Senior Vice President, Portfolio Manager at EQ Office, said, “Skydeck has always been the best way for locals and visitors to see all of Chicago, and now we’ve significantly expanded and elevated the experience to- beyond what everyone has seen before.

“The new Skydeck experience celebrates hometown traditions and Chicago history, with incredible views you can’t find anywhere else.”

Randy Stancik, Managing Director of Skydeck Chicago, said, “With the attraction redesigned, we wanted to take this experience even further.

“The new Skydeck tells the story of Chicago – from the Great Chicago Fire to iconic city legends – and allows visitors to actively engage with our beloved home in a way all their own.

“From interactive and educational installations to fun, photo-worthy moments, guests of all ages, backgrounds and geographies will leave with a new connection to Chicago and the incredible memories of our unprecedented sights.”

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DOVE Chocolate turns Mother’s Day into Mother’s Day for a special campaign


DOVE Chocolate gives mothers a unique chance to ‘own the night’ and connect with their closest friends through private, socially-distancing movie theater rental experiences across the country.

Tickets will be available on a first come, first serve basis starting Tuesday, May 4 at 9:00 a.m. EST. Only one participant per cinema can register. Upon registration, the winner will receive ten prepaid tickets to share with friends for an exclusive theatrical experience at the designated time of the show on the evening of Sunday, May 9.

To add to their experience, those who register for the private screening of the film will be treated to an assortment of new deep and silky dark chocolates from DOVE Chocolate (70% cocoa) and Deepest dark chocolate (82% cocoa) PROMISED. Each dark chocolate has a special message inside the packaging and comes in a resealable bag for lasting freshness.

“Staying in touch with friends is crucial for a mother’s well-being and self-esteem,” says Leslie Philipsen, Brand Manager, DOVE Chocolate. “More than a year after the start of the pandemic, moms crave connection, especially with friends they haven’t seen in months. As part of a company that prides itself on creating better times and more smiles, we wanted to find a way to offer moms the ability to do just that safely. By taking care of all the little details of Mother’s Day, we hope moms across the country can relax, connect, and enjoy a special night out.

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Barry Callebaut Presents A Guide To All Ruby Chocolate


The Barry Callebaut Group, one of the leading manufacturers of high quality chocolate and cocoa products, has changed the face of the chocolate industry by introducing a fourth type of chocolate – Ruby chocolate. The company’s revolutionary Ruby Chocolate was the first new natural color for chocolate in over 80 years, and is described as an intense sensory delight, combining berry fruity and succulent sweetness.

Chocolate has a pinkish tinge which with its fruity flavor comes from the Ruby cocoa bean. Barry Callebaut releases flavor and color with a unique treatment that does not use any berries, berry flavor or added colors.

The unique taste of fresh berries offers innovative ideas for the next generation of confectionery, bakery, ice cream and desserts. To help unlock the potential of this candy, the team at Chocolate Academy North America released Volume I of Ruby Encyclopedia, a guide to everything chefs need to know about Ruby chocolate.

Officially launched on Monday, March 1, Ruby Encyclopedia is a multi-asset tool to help American and Canadian chefs explore and deepen the possibilities of Ruby chocolate. Volume I features 8 chapters and 47 innovative recipes that feature limitless combinations of flavors, textures and colors, allowing chefs to explore a new palette of applications never seen before. The exciting recipes include:

  • Dark chocolate brownie with pistachio and RubyTM callets topped with Ruby ganache
  • Ruby Coconut Cabbage
  • Ruby marshmallows with blackcurrant
  • Pistachio cookies garnished with rubies
  • Ruby Snacking bar with an assortment of spices, nuts, candied fruits and / or dried fruits

Chefs, bakers and other food industry professionals can download the English and French versions of the Ruby Encyclopedia from Barry Callebaut’s website.

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