Windows 11 SLOW DOWN some computers by 15%: is your PC on the list?

MICROSOFT Windows 11 Update slows down some computers within days of being released to users around the world.

According to chipmaking giant AMD, PCs running on its processors are up to 15% slower after the new operating system is released.


Microsoft released Windows 11 on October 4Credit: Microsoft

The result is a reduction in the performance of some applications when used with the new operating system.

AMD says esports game titles are among the apps most affected by the fault, with a 15% reduction in performance.

However, the impact on the performance of the most affected applications is between three and five percent.

The California manufacturer says it is working with Microsoft to resolve the issue.

PCs running Windows 11 on AMD chips are likely to be back up and running at full capacity after a software update in the next few days.

AMD computers are designed for gaming, which means that even a small drop in performance can have a big impact on usability.

The defects affect all Ryzen processors supported in Windows 11.

This means all Zen +, Zen 2, and Zen 3 processors which include Ryzen 2000, Ryzen 3000, Ryzen 4000, and Ryzen 5000 processors.

Also affected are some AMD EPYC processors for data centers, as well as a handful of new Athlon chips.

You can check out the full list of AMD processors supported by Windows 11 on Microsoft’s website, here.

Windows 11 launched on October 4, a day ahead of Microsoft’s planned release date.

Windows is one of the most popular operating systems in the world.

In fact, Windows 10 is already running on billions of machines around the world when it is only a few years old.

Windows 11 replaces it, bringing new features and a much cleaner redesigned look.

The next-generation operating system launched on October 4 on a selection of more powerful PC models.

Microsoft has said all eligible devices can be upgraded by mid-2022.

Windows 11 brings major changes


Windows 11 brings major changesCredit: Microsoft

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