Visual Studio Code 1.58 allows the creation of terminals in the editor area


The development team responsible for the source code editor at Microsoft has released version 1.58 of Visual Studio Code (VS Code). The June update includes the ability to create terminals in the editor or move them to the editor area. The development team is also extending Restricted Mode settings for potentially untrusted code.

The June update allows you to create and move terminals in or in the publisher area. This results in the possibility of a multidimensional grid layout which remains independent of the state of the panel and which is visible.

There are several options for using terminals in the editor area: Developers can use the command Create a terminal in the editor area use to create. A terminal can be dragged and dropped from the list of tabs in the editor. Additionally, developers can use the command Move the terminal to the editor area run while a terminal is in focus. The contextual menu of the tab also offers Terminal the option Move in editor area. In addition, the update offers the option of tuning terminal.integrated.defaultLocation on the editor so that newly created terminals are routed to the default editor area.

With the May update to VS Code, the development team behind the publisher Confidence in the workspace introduces a restricted mode for potentially unreliable code. With Confidence in the workspace developers can choose to trust the code in a folder. If you want to safely view unknown code from potentially untrusted sources, you can access it in Restricted Mode edit. In this case, Visual Studio Code prevents automatic execution: tasks are disabled, as well as debugging. Additionally, the source code editor restricts extensions and workspace settings in this case.

A month later, the development team is now responding to customer feedback and fixing one or two issues with the June update. For example, updating to adjust user settings for the Confidence in the workspace a new way of acting Configure your settings in the header of the editor. With this action after @tag:workspaceTrust filtered parameter editor called.

Visual Studio Code 1.58 extends the configuration options of Workplace Trust.

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Additionally, the update introduces a new setting for banner configuration. Users can configure the banner that indicates that the current window is in restricted mode. This way the banner can be turned off after users have contacted Confidence in the workspace and no longer need a reminder that they are working in restricted mode.

The update offers a variety of other innovations. More information on the June Source Code Editor Update can be found in the article on the Visual Studio Code blog.


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