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Visual Studio 2022 for Mac Preview 4 improves window management, search

The Visual Studio for Mac 2022 issue is available in Preview 4, which adds new window drag-and-drop functionality and improves code search and navigation.

The Mac version of Microsoft’s flagship IDE lags far behind the Windows version, which debuted early last month. And the development team has faced performance and reliability issues with VS 2019 for Mac dating back to 2018, as explained in the article “Visual Studio for Mac Getting VS Code Internals in Reliability Revamp”.

Upgrading the Mac IDE to the Windows IDE is apparently still an ongoing process, as Microsoft’s website for the IDE, Visual Studio 2022 for Mac Preview says: “We’re moving Visual Studio for Mac to the native macOS user interface, which will resolve over 100 previously reported issues regarding performance, reliability, and product quality. Using the native macOS user interface, the IDE now works more reliably with the assistive technologies built into macOS.

These issues and the native solution were discussed in a December 15 post announcing Preview 4: “Visual Studio 2022 for Mac Preview 4 has arrived and continues our migration from the IDE to a fully native macOS user interface, fixes many major problems and introduced new experiences to lay out your windows and find your source. ”

And, while the drag-and-drop functionality seems to be common in any modern code editor or IDE, it tops the short list of improvements detailed by Jordan Matthiesen, senior program manager, Visual Studio for Mac.

“In this Preview 4 release, we’ve brought the ability to drag and dock tool windows from Visual Studio 2019 for Mac and have gone even further to make it similar to the Visual Studio experience on Windows. Now when you drag a tool window you will see icons on the screen that will show you where the window can be docked, ”he said.

animated gif showing moving the solution from the right side of the IDE to the left side
[Click on image for larger, animated GIF view.] Moved the solution window from the right side of the IDE to the left side. (source: Microsoft).

The development team is also experimenting with other windowing features, particularly the ability for a developer to select the drop-down menu at the top of each tool window and then select a drop target to dock it in. “This makes it easier to move windows without having to click and drag, which can be uncomfortable for some developers with motor control issues or repetitive stress trauma,” said Matthiesen. “This is a first look at this feature, which you can enable with the ‘Enable snap control in tool windows’ option in the Visual Studio> Preferences …> Feature Overview menu.”

Source code search and navigation, on the other hand, are enhanced with the ability to group items together in the search results window.

Regarding the continued migration to a native macOS user interface, recent advancements include the port of these user interfaces:

  • Git menu> Manage caches …
  • Window menu> Layout> Save current layout …
  • Preferences / Project Options> Code Formatting Settings and Standard Headers

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