Vanced Developers Release Statement Regarding Crazy Rumors About App’s Demise

While the YouTube Vanced (later just Vanced) story seems to be largely over after the app shut down, the folks behind the beloved mod apparently have even more to say. There have been several rumors about the app’s disappearance, so on Saturday the team behind Vanced published an article on the anonymous blogging platform titled “Vanced Discontinuation”. It was intended to inform anyone “having trouble understanding the reason” why the app was abandoned.

The post dismissed rumors that Vanced was taken down for NFT-related reasons or a shoutout from a media group and also claimed that the takedown had nothing to do with hacking allegations or security issues. ad blocking. Additionally, in response to rumors that the developers of Vanced were Russian, the post stated that “[none] members of the team are in Russia or Ukraine, and have no connection with these countries.”


Vanced also denied that their app has any “illegal” features, then gave what the people behind the app say are the “real” reasons they received a cease and desist letter:

  • Vanced is interrupted for “legal reasons“because vanced infringed on the original YouTube app logo and trademark, because the logo resembles the original logo in the same way and was used without Google’s prior permission for trademark use.

  • We have been instructed to remove all links for the distribution of all advanced applications which lead to the stop decision.

The statement went on to say that the team behind Vanced would be never reveal the source code of the application to the public. This could “cause us serious complications”. Also, forget to download the app again. All links to a downloadable version of Vanced have been removed, and the Vanced team says they can’t help with other methods of getting a version of the app either.

Vanced concluded by asking the app’s disappointed fans not to attack anyone about its disappearance and to alert them to any further false information. So, that’s it for Vanced, the original – RIP. One of the reasons so many people loved Vanced is that the app had alternate features that YouTube could probably use, and some of them were pretty damn good – check them out here.


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