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Urban Outfitters is about to launch a marketplace for second-hand goods.

Nuuly Thrift will be available as an iPhone app later this year.

It will be a sister platform to Urban Outfitters’ subscription rental program, Nuuly Rent, and allow customers to sell and buy items of any brand, not just in-house products.

“Urban has been in the vintage renewal business since our founding in 1970,” said Richard Hayne, chief executive and president, in a statement.

“With the launch of Nuuly Thrift, we will capitalize on changing customer behavior and gain market share in the growing online resale market. “

The second-hand clothing market is booming right now.

The space, which ThredUp research shows is expected to reach $ 77 billion in sales over the next five years, has been widely adopted by younger buyers.

Data Strategy

Urban Outfitters recently deployed the Qlik Sense platform for in-store reporting, expanding near real-time data access for store managers and associates across its 650+ locations in the US and region. EMEA.

“Our data strategy is focused on maximizing the efficiency and scalability of the cloud and, where possible, building cloud-to-cloud synergies,” said John Devine, CIO at Urban Outfitters.

“We already have Qlik Data Integration to power our Snowflake cloud data warehouse. “

“With Qlik on top of Snowflake, we can confidently extend access to more near real-time data for in-store employees. “

“This will help improve the performance of stores wherever our associates are in the world, while reducing the stress and costs associated with managing our on-premises data sources. “

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