Twitch Confirms Breach Allegedly Contains Source Code, Creator Payments

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Twitch was hacked, exposing a large amount of data that would include source code for Amazon-owned streaming platform, reports on creator payouts, and details of an unreleased Steam competitor from Amazon game studios.

An anonymous hacker posted a 125 GB torrent with the information on the 4chan bulletin board on Wednesday, as previously reported by Video Games Chronicle. The publication said an anonymous source from the company confirmed that the leaked data was legitimate. The Verge also said it was able to confirm the leak.

In a tweet on Wednesday, Twitch confirmed a violation and said he was working to gauge the size of it.

“We can confirm that a breach has taken place. Our teams are urgently working to understand the extent,” the company tweeted. “We will update the community as more information becomes available.”

Twitch is one of the best streaming sites in the world, with around 2.5 million people viewing streams at any given time. Twitch has become popular as a way for gamers to share live broadcasts of them playing video games, giving viewers the ability to chat what’s happening onscreen and pay through subscriptions. Twitch has since grown into a place where people share cooking classes, broadcast travel experiences, and just chat, though gaming remains a huge draw. Twitch was acquired by Amazon for $ 970 million in 2014 as part of the retail giant’s games push.

The Twitch leak would include details of creator payments; source code for Twitch clients for mobile, desktop and video game console; code related to proprietary SDKs and internal AWS services; an unreleased Steam competitor from Amazon Game Studios; data on other properties owned by Twitch; and internal security tools, according to Video Games Chronicle. CNET did not independently verify the leaked data.

The leaked data reportedly showed that Twitch’s top streamers have made millions of dollars on the platform over the past three years. Several streamers have confirmed to BBC News that the payout list shared in the leak contains specific numbers.

Images from the paylists shared on social media appear to show Critical Role, a Dungeons & Dragons web series, as the main source of income from August 2019 through October 2021, followed by other popular streamers including xQC and Summit1g.

The leak is labeled part one, suggesting there may be more to come. The hacker did not specify what other data he planned to release. In the 4chan post, they also take a look at Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, claiming that Jeff “Bezos paid $ 970 million for it, we’re giving it away for FREE.”

In recent months, the platform has come under criticism for a lack of action against hate and harassment. In September, a group of banners died out as part of a #ADayOffTwitch to draw attention to “hate raids,” a form of harassment where people unleash an army of bots to abuse a streamer.

Last month, Twitch filed a complaint against two individuals who allegedly carried out heinous raids. The company has also implemented tools that help streamers filter out harassment in a channel’s chat.

Twitch said it has no additional comment on the breach at this time.

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