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In a hate-filled corner of the internet is a gossip forum called Scum life.

Browsing the vitriol in various chats and forums with categories such as Families, Gurus, Instagrammers, Bloggers, Influencers and Celebrities has been described as “dipping a foot in an acid bath”.

The Guardian reported that the notorious founder, who goes by the pseudonym “Helen,” says the site was created as a space for reasonable criticism of public figures:

“It’s not trolling because it gives people a place to comment on people who choose to become a public figure and broadcast their private life to make money,” she said.

As you can already see, most of the criticism is directed disproportionately against women, whose lives are so dissected that many have reported having become suicidal.

Somehow managing to work more in the shadows than in mainstream media, Tattle Life has become one of the most visited websites by UK users.

Tattle has received around 43.2 million visitors in the last six months alone, mostly UK users, as almost everyone we talk about on Tattle is UK:

As politicians from all parties rant against social media giants, Tattle goes under the radar. This is due in part to the perception that her subjects – influencers and media personalities with professional management and many Instagram followers, often working in parenting, fashion or beauty fields – somehow deserve the. anonymous vitriol, or should treat it as the price of success.

Surf long enough and you might notice a hateful comment aimed at someone’s appearance: “Ugly bitch,” one article about reality TV star Katie Price read.

Others attack parenting methods:

[Abbie] Draper, 31, business owner and influencer from Glasgow, was discussed on Tattle Life. “Thinking how vile she is makes me throw up,” says a typical comment.

When Draper gave birth to a baby boy, Blaise, in February, Tattle users scoffed at the name for its similarity to the word ‘blaze’ and started calling him Baby Spliff. “I haven’t called my baby by name for two months,” says Draper. “They tarnished the name for me.”

The worst part was when the forums accused an influencer mom of drinking while pregnant after posting a photo promoting alcohol-free prosecco on Instagram:

“I thought that social services were going to take my baby away from me”, [Katie Hayes] said. “I had to call the local authority for advice on what to do. If I wasn’t pregnant, I wouldn’t be here today. I was suicidal.

Some even go straight for the jugular, dismantling a person’s sanity.

Addresses and personal information have even been leaked on the site, which obviously poses a major threat to their safety and general well-being.

A quick glance revealed a forum titled “Chloe Ferry # 4 In Dubai, lips get bigger, pinch your nose and watch out for splashing.

Comments equate his lip service to fraud, with one saying “You don’t need personality if you’re just a beard” while the others try to dissect his life. love and family life.

TikTok star and influencer Vickaboox wrote for Grazia, saying she wouldn’t want Tattle Life to troll her worst enemy:

@vickabooxNever be embarrassed to feel things … it takes strength to be able to say what you feel❤️😚 ## emotions ##love of self ##AdviceEasy on me – Adele

She spoke of the nasty comments she faced, not only against herself, but also against her mother and her ex-boyfriend:

Frankly, I’m scared. And I am tired. No one – whether an influencer or not – should have to tolerate this level of abuse. I speak about it because I firmly believe that this kind of gossip forums should be banned. And there is still a lot to do to promote these sites.

Other women also talk about how their sanity and reputation are damaged by these tattle trolls, for example Sky News.

Lauren Elizabeth who amassed 24,500 followers on Instagram, launched a podcast titled “Nip, Tuck, Not Giving a F ***”, with fellow influencer and friend Ashely stobart, who has 20,800 followers on Instagram.

In the podcast, they reflect on online harassment and their experiences with Tattle Life:

Here is Lauren:

“In fact, they wrote that I was a drug dealer. These are not gossip, these are serious claims that are bogus, and you can’t take one away once they’re there.

Whenever she posted a photo of her friend, she was included in the wave of hate as well:

Ashley Stobart says she was horrified by what users wrote about her after spotting her on Ms Harris’ Instagram.

“I just don’t have the mental capacity to accept some of these things. They ridicule your appearance, they ridicule the way you are as a mother, ”says Ms. Stobart.

“We are normal people, we are moms, we do not carry on [social media] and by promoting weight loss products and getting paid thousands of pounds, we don’t have fashionable support.

People tried to delete the nasty site, with a petition collecting 63,000 signatures, to no avail.

Influencer Em Sheldon even testified before a parliamentary committee, calling for the site to be removed.

But twisted forums remain, creating anxiety and paranoia as women in the spotlight struggle to stay on top of it all.



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