The funniest scene in Free Guy is also the scariest

The funniest scene in Free Guy turns out to be eerily scariest, as Ryan Reynolds’ “Blue Shirt Guy” tries to steal key information from his play world.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Free Guy, now in theaters.

It’s safe to say, being a film directed by Ryan Reynolds, free guy has many hilarious sequences. Guy, aka “Blue Shirt Guy”, with his innocence and naivety is at the heart of so many of them as he fumbles through love in the game known as To free City, hoping to win Molotov Girl, aka Millie (Jodie Comer). However, Guy isn’t the driving force behind the movie’s funniest scene; that goes to none other than Channing Tatum in a comedic cameo, but what’s odd is that it also turns out to be free guythe most frightening encounter.

This happens when Guy gets wind of a special mission from Millie. She wants to steal key information from Soonami Studios, which she believes is hidden in the game. It’s a video proving that Antwan, the owner, stole it and used her source code and Keys’ to The life Himself to create Free city. She initially wanted them to be living and evolving characters, but Antwan turned it into a violent game a la Grand Theft Auto.

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Guy is up to the challenge as he leveled up and became a fighter able to obtain the material so that she fell in love with him. He shows up expecting a shootout, but ends up meeting Revenjamin Buttons of Tatum, a happy dancing avatar who poses moves like the “Shaky Man” and “Thanos’ Glove”. Usually Buttons would kill any intruders, but he’s a fan of Guy, as the world has fallen in love with the character’s health. 22-year-old Keith is actually the one behind the control, using this avatar to then bond with Guy.

While he is broadcasting live, he asks Guy to do some autographs and take screenshots as digital autographs to commemorate the reunion. Put simply, Keith considers Guy to be a celebrity, but it gets weird in the game when the avatar starts to get too close and personal. It’s humor akin to Tatum’s roles in 21 rue du saut and It is the end, getting a little rude as he begins to grab the crotch, breathe on Guy and take over his personal space. The moment winks at Tatum’s dance floor, but it’s starting to get a bit too much uncomfortable for Guy’s tastes, and he tries to laugh.

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However, the icing on the cake comes when Keith’s real-world mom berates him for being that goofy male who plays too many video games as she tries to vacuum. He hates the noise she makes and as Guy walks off the stage, Keith starts yelling at his mom to put on her “special sock”. It’s a frank and raw moment that leaves free guyAudiences are as freaked out as Guy, suggesting that Keith fits that particular gaming stereotype and needs to take a break from the online portal every now and then.

To see Channing Tatum’s spooky cameo, watch Free Guy in theaters now.

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