Telegram gets better reactions, video stickers, interactive emoji, etc.

Telegram has updated its iPhone and iPad app with several new features, including new easy-to-make video stickers, better reactions, interactive emoji, improved chat navigation, and other additions and improvements.

Telegram video stickers have proven to be a popular feature on the chat platform, and in the latest version of the app, support has been added for stickers converted from regular videos.

This means that creating detailed animated stickers no longer requires specialized software such as Adobe Illustrator if users wish to create their own. For interested creators, Telegram has a video sticker manual with all the details.

Version 8.5.1 of the app also brings improved reactions to messages. Users can now tap and hold a reaction to send a larger reaction, and reactions are now synced, so recipients see animations in real time. Additionally, reactions now have a read status.

There are also five new reactions that can optionally be sent as interactive emoji with synchronized full-screen effects. They include a smiling face with three hearts, a wow face, a thinking face, a swearing face, and clapping hands.

Meanwhile, navigation in Telegram chats has been improved. When jumping into unread channels or moving between chats, users can now press and hold the “Back” button to return to a specific chat via a context menu. Opening chats from forwarded messages, links, usernames, profiles, etc. also adds them to the menu.

Elsewhere, the Telegram developers have improved call quality, added support for translating to Instant View pages (and bios on iOS), added the ability to send silent messages from the share menu, and included new animations when tapping icons in the tab bar.

Telegram version 8.5.1 is available now on the App Store for iPhone and iPad.

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