Staunch Moderates Intellectual Movement will release five singles from its first musical album The First Realm in the United States and around the world now until the 2022 Winter Olympics to elevate its message of PEACE

The movement aims to present its mantra “striving for world peace” on the world stage in response to current international crises.

LOS ANGELES and ASPEN, Col., February 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — As tensions run high ahead of the controversial 2022 Winter Olympics hosted by Chinaas well as the currently simmering conflict Eastern Europethe Staunch Moderates Intellectual Movement projects itself into the international conversation by re-releasing five of its most relevant songs from its hip hop album The first kingdom. These songs include “Socrates Café”, “Peace”, “Philosophy”, “Maggie Connor(former Olympic mogul skier and friend of the movement), and a special new track written by Connor and rap star from the album Casanova Ace especially for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

The real-world message of the movement, which now seems more important than at any time in our history since World War II, is that it is crucial that we, as a whole world, step back, defuse, begin to listen and love each other again, and start working together to create world peace. The movement attempts to share this message through its music to bring America and other nations together and overcome the current tensions facing our world.

Staunch moderates believe it is imperative to abolish the “us versus them” and other extremist mindsets that have become so prevalent in the belligerent, antagonistic and warlike political culture of this new decade, not only in the United States but also worldwide. And the best way to achieve this is to conscientiously soften tempers, attitudes and aggression to find love and peace. The movement suggests that we strive to positively influence the enemies of peace and freedom to do the same for the good of humanity.

Links to the five released tracks and accompanying music videos:

Staunch Moderates is an intellectual movement that addresses the intellectual and political divide and fights for national and global peace. It was formed in December 2019 and kicked off by mobilizing to campaign for its movement throughout the 2020 election year. The movement actively campaigned in 16 different primary states holding 35 forums on vital societal issues , carrying out polls and producing several interviews with different political celebrities during conventions and debates, closing the presidential election campaign with a live broadcast on Election Day made up of a panel of 10 political celebrities who are friends of the movement.

In 2021, they released their 14-track R&B, jazzy, cool and hip hop album, “The First Realm” to help tell their story and document in music the story of the turbulent election and pandemic year of 2020.

Gregory T. Simmons is the CEO of Movement & Executive Producer and an album artist. He says, “Based on many reviews, the music is the coolest hip hop music most have heard. Our band’s name is ‘DJ Staunch™.'” Staunch is an eight-foot-tall bigfoot mascot and is the alter ego of both the group and the Staunch Moderates Intellectual Movement.

Learn more about the Moderate Devout Intellectual Movement or support the cause by visiting one of the following channels. The more funds raised, the more people will hear our message of LOVE AND PEACE:

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