SOSA aligned single board computers that combine CPU, GPGPU and FPGA embedded computing offered by Aitech

CHATSWORTH, Calif. – Aitech Systems of Chatsworth, CA introduces the U-C8500, U-C8501, and U-C8502 3U VPX cybersecurity-enabled single-board computers aligned with The Open Group Sensor Open Systems Architecture (SOSA) technical standard.

The U-C850x series single board computers offer three main pillars of modern data processing acceleration: Central Processing Unit (CPU), Integrated Graphics Processing Unit (iGPU), and Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) .

A high-performance CPU-on-chip (SoC) system with a powerful internal GPU combined with an optional large onboard FPGA, qualifies the boards for data-intensive rugged military and aerospace applications such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

The U-C850x series embedded computer boards support AiSecure, Aitech’s cybersecurity framework that increases survivability by detecting and preventing unexpected cyberattacks. Inherent trusted computing features enable firmware and data protection and prevent reverse engineering and tampering, while enabling secure transmission and storage of sensitive data.

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The U-C850x series features a multi-core Intel processor, a powerful GPGPU (General Purpose Graphics Processing Unit) artificial intelligence processor and advanced cybersecurity protection. Its 11th generation Intel TigerLake UP3 (TGL-UP3) SoC with four cores and eight threads, and a GPU with up to 96 execution units offers 12, 15 and 28 watt options.

The series is available in three configurations: U-C8500: 4x PCI Express Gen3/4 data plane with XMC slot; U-C8501 with 4 PCI Express Gen3 data planes, 4 PCI Express Gen4 expansion planes and one XMC slot; and U-C8502: 4x PCI Express Gen3 data plane, 4xPCI Express Gen4 expansion plane and onboard Xilinx MPSoC FPGA.

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