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As you may be aware, the United States has recently been hit with a major service outage.

Although the Google outage is over, Snapchat’s problems are still far from being resolved. Many people still cannot access the service.

The cloud service was back up and running in about five hours, but it has sparked complaints from users of Snapchat, which is cloud-powered.

Users frequently report that every time they try to download a snapshot of their stories, it gets rejected. As a result, the software no longer allows them to submit anything to Stories.

After its introduction on the official forums, gamers took to Reddit to discuss it.

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We are monitoring Snapchat’s survey and will update the article as new developments arise. We’ll be keeping an eye on it to see if anything develops further.

It has been over a day now, and the issues we brought to light in this room still remain unresolved.

Meanwhile, Snapchat rumors are spreading, with users asking if the app will be closed and if it is true that Snapchat is shutting down.

I am from the United States and am wondering if Twitter, TUMI, Viber, Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp will close first. By the end of June, Snapchat is expected to be closed. I highly doubt it, but I’m just asking.

According to Snapchat’s official Twitter account, the service is not closing.

There is no need to worry.

“Ally, I’m sorry to hear that,” she wrote.

According to reports that are proliferating on Twitter, Snapchat is down and not working for a lot of people as of this writing. Customers generally claim that Snapchat doesn’t deliver messages.

The last thing I wanted to do was go to bed. I was determined not to use my phone, but it fell and I got very angry.

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Icy, Linda and nfear: Okay. -> Okay ladies.

Snapchat down? I can no longer send messages.

The outage map shows that the service is definitely having problems in some areas.

You can try to log out and log back in.

Update 5 (Sep.

Snapchat support has finally spoken on the issue.

We are aware that Snapchat users are having difficulty sending Chats and Snaps.

Snapchat is down and not working for many users at the time of writing.

Update 8 (Jan.

Snapchat has been down for a while now and it is early 2020. According to user reports, the app is not working and they are unable to send snaps or messages. Downdetector also indicates that the service is having a problem.

#snapchatdown. I don’t know what happened to Snapchat, but they haven’t updated their app since New Years.

#takeoverhehehe everyone who says: “I can’t open any of my snaps !!!” …

BTW, here’s what Snapchat Support wrote in response to users who were having difficulty using the app earlier today: “We recommend that you delete your Snapchats. Open the app and tap ‘help’ in the settings.

Many Snapchat users find it difficult to use the software. We are aware that some Snapchatters have difficulty with this.

Snapchat support has yet to respond to any of us, although they recognized the issue over three hours ago.

We take a closer look! We take the safety and security of our users seriously.

Some Snapchat users report that their accounts have been locked out, while others complain of difficulty signing in.

Hi! There are several reasons why your account may be locked.

During this time, your account will be inaccessible. The Snapchat team is unable to unlock your account during this time.

Snapchat is down for a lot of people as of this writing. Downdetector also confirms this. Users say they don’t see any messages despite receiving alerts for new communications, according to reports.

Snapchat is down again and showing notifications but nothing else is working and I can’t download anything smh.

Koodo does not provide any support for Snapchat support beyond receiving direct messages, and I am unable to find a way to contact their customer service team.

Snapchat is down and many users are reporting that it is not working.

Users are also concerned about the Snapchat story bug today.

Snapchat is currently down and not working for many people, according to reports. Some users have trouble signing in, while others have difficulty signing in / out.

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