Singletrack Unscripted – Let’s talk about flat pedals

What makes a good flat pedal? Are metal flatties better than plastic flatties? Thick pins? Thin pins? Tons of pins? Minimal pins? Thin versus fat. Concavity issues.

We got a whole bunch of flat pedals sent out for group testing later in the year. About time there wasn’t a Fresh Goods Friday edition that didn’t have a pair or two of flat pedals.

Flat pedals are one of the key components to getting it right. There are a lot of very capable flat pedals out there these days, but there are times when we come across a duff and woah design! It’s alarming the difference it makes to the whole bike riding experience.

Pedals don’t just pedal. They are a control point of contact. Think of them as handlebar grips for your feet. Or something. The placement of the rear (and middle) of your bike depends on what your feet are capable of getting into things.

While we’re far from judging a pedal solely by its looks (sometimes pedals just don’t work the way you expect), there are some things you can look for when browsing bike shop cabinets. Watch the video…

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