Set up a whole new system

My wife’s boss was told she had to spend money. I wish I had this problem ! I will now eliminate all the fixed stuff and start with the following. A modem and a Spectrum router. Her child has a Windows computer that will go over the network to access the Internet. I need to buy some mid-size 16GB RAM computers and some decent hard drives. I prefer mechanical hard drives over SSDs because I’ve heard it all comes down to how long you can overwrite a sector before it runs out. Thoughts on that please. I will stick with Win 10 as all programs are currently configured for it. I need a program that will allow me to save a file to a local hard drive and to Goggle Cloud at the same time from 3 different computers. As we work in the program Word, Excel, Adobe. I don’t do “backups” in the traditional sense. I am making computers from DOS 3 and I like clean files that I can read with any computer. Need to have a blank copy or “backup” of the email.

My files at home have been on a WD network server and now on a Synology server. Copies of the working file are made to a WD storage device connected to the USB port. Slow but simple.

Put a switch in the system and connect two computers to it, no problem. A program for saving files, I have no idea. I also need help adding a bridge router into the system that will work with Spectrum. It will be 100 feet in another building. I’ll take one of the current computers and connect it as an access port. I have this setup in Apple with their routers and Mac Mini and it works fine

Here’s the real-life scenario: My wife takes an order and types it. She then goes to the store to place the order. She can access the file through the old computer and the bridge router if necessary, saving the changes. She goes home and there is a question. She can access the Goggle cloud to resolve the issue. It would be nice if she could save this file but not a show stopper.

If I am in the wrong forum, please transfer to a better forum or cancel this request. Thanks Charles

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