Sekr introduces SekrHubs, an in-app community forum for sharing outdoor travel information

SekrHubs’ free curated channels bring added value to members, allowing like-minded adventurers to exchange information on trip planning, gear recommendations, campsites, and more.

SAN DIEGO, March 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Sekr, the mobile platform simplifying the outdoor travel planning experience, today announced the launch of SekrHubs, a new in-app community forum that changes the way users can interact with each other. others. SekrHubs allows app members to share their expertise and experiences, find information on campsites, travel gear, and more, and connect with other app members who share their interests through SubHubs, which are custom channels within SekrHubs.

Similar to Facebook groups and Slack channels, each SubHub channel within SekrHubs – like #east-coast, #tips-and-tricks, and #tent-car-campers – is dedicated to a topic or experience and allows members to connect with others who share similar interests and experiences. Sub-hubs can include thousands of participants, allowing members to meet new people, share knowledge or find help, with the ability to add other members and tag them directly in the group .

Sekr focuses on simplifying social connections and outdoor collaborations in a way that is conducive to individuals’ social habits and preferences. The new chat feature was designed with the community in mind to make sharing knowledge easier and more accessible than ever. Prior to its launch, members could only converse via direct and group chats with their own connections, having to head to other messaging forums for larger conversations. With SekrHubs, the company has created a centralized location for chats and message boards to simplify and expand communication.

“Sekr members appreciate that we are an intersection of resources and community, and we see SekrHubs as a natural progression from our existing app that members are going to be really excited about,” said Breanne Acio, co-founder and CEO of Sekr. “Our mission is to continue to make outdoor travel safer, easier, and more accessible for everyone, and this new feature really resonates with that. SekrHubs allows us to take crowdsource security a step further by providing a guarded space to our users to share reviews, insights and ideas, connect and meet like-minded adventurers across the country.”

To ensure member safety and privacy, Sekr brings community leaders to each SubHub who will act as official Sekr moderators, curating conversations, encouraging member engagement, and most importantly, reporting any activity. inappropriate within the SubHub that violates Sekr’s Community Guidelines. It is a top priority for Sekr that SekrHubs are a safe and welcoming place for all members of the community.

SekrHubs is officially live and free to all new and existing app members. SekrHubs initially launched with a core set of caravan and event-focused sub-hubs; platforms, constructions and vehicles; general reviews of Sekr products, tips and tricks, and best tools; and regional groups. In the coming months, the SubHubs will continually expand to other communities.

For more information, visit Download the app for iOS here or for Android here.

About Sekr:
Sēkr is a participatory mobile platform that makes every step of the outdoor travel planning experience easier, safer and more social. From full-time digital nomads to occasional road trippers, the company creates an inclusive community through access to more than 50,000 campsites, including the nation’s largest database of free campsites. Founded in 2018, Sēkr’s dedicated team partners with local nonprofits, including Leave No Trace and Tread Lightly!, to promote responsible recreation and outdoor conservation. The company is also committed to addressing the lack of diversity in outdoor spaces through its coalition, Respect Away Project, which unites women and minorities to take scalable action to move the outdoor industry towards a more inclusive space. Follow Sēkr on Facebook, Youtube, instagramand LinkedIn.


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