Retro computers from paper | Hackaday

Want to build your own collection of retro computers for free? Good graphic designer [Rocky Bergen]’s collection of paper craft patterns maybe the answer. [Rocky] has designed over a dozen models of older computers, including classics such as the IMSAI 8080, Commodore Pet, and the BBC Microcomputer to name a few.

The full size of these models is not mentioned, but inspection of the PDF file of a randomly selected Commodore C64 model shows that it was intended to be printed on A3 paper (297 x 420 mm, or roughly near the size of an 11 x 17 ANSI C page if you think better in inches). This still doesn’t give us the final size of a model, but a collector posted on [Rocky]It’s site that when he scaled it to A4 paper, the resulting computer was perfectly suited for use with common 1/6 scale dolls and dollhouses (also known as playscale ). Of course, the pattern existing as a computer PDF file, you can scale it to any size you want.

We’ve covered a few paper craft projects in the past including these cool automatons, a claw from a crane set, and even a really spinning gyroscope. Watch the video under the break to see [Rocky] assemble the Apple II paper craft template. Thanks to [CollegeCop] for sending it into our tipping.

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