QC Solar to Integrate Tigo Rapid Shutdown Technology into Smart Junction Box

Tigo Energy announced a commercial technology licensing agreement with QC Solar, a manufacturer of solar PV connectors and PV module junction box products, headquartered in Suzhou, China. The license agreement allows QC Solar to use Tigo RSS technology in its products and to take advantage of its compatibility with other Tigo components.

QC Solar will integrate Tigo RSS technology into its smart junction box, providing basic safety mechanisms to solar modules to mitigate risk to solar installers and first responders. QC Solar customers who deploy its new smart junction box will, in turn, be able to deploy the Tigo RSS Transmitter in compliance with regulations and rapid shutdown requirements.

“With Tigo’s module-level rapid shutdown technology, we will ensure that our customers’ solar systems automatically reduce system voltage during critical events such as structure fires so that firefighters can get their job done. with confidence,” said Zhenggang Duan, general manager of QC Solar. . “We look forward to commercial production and commercialization of our smart quick-stop junction box with the Tigo technology we license. This is an important step forward for the protection of photovoltaic power plants worldwide. »

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