Pedophile had ‘horrific and shocking’ images of abuse, including babies

A pedophile has been found with more than 290,000 indecent images of children, some of them showing abused babies.

Kamil Pitynski, of Rose Fair Close, Wisbech, was found after uploading indecent footage to three different platforms.

A warrant was executed at his home where evidence was found linking him to image downloads and devices were seized, including two laptops.

Pitynski, 28, was arrested and the devices contained child abuse material classified as the most serious, including some involving babies.

Peterborough Crown Court (51696353)

There were a total of 290,085 indecent images of children, including 17,727 Category C images, 2,902 Category B images and 4,521 Category A images – the most serious. There were also 122 “forbidden” images of children.

In an interview with the police, Pitynski admitted that indecent images of children would be found on his devices after he had watched them “out of curiosity” on the dark web.

He denied speaking in forums or chats regarding indecent pictures, distributing pictures or receiving them by email.

However, Pitynski pleaded guilty to possession of a prohibited image of a child and three counts of making indecent images of children last month and yesterday at Peterborough Crown Court (September 27) he was imprisoned for ten months.

Pitynski was also on a Sexual Injury Prevention Order (SHPO) for ten years to monitor his future behavior.

Detective Sergeant George Neal said: “Pitynski had hundreds of thousands of indecent images, some containing the most horrific and shocking abuse. A child is victimized not only when an indecent image is taken, but also every time it is viewed or shared.

“This case underscores our commitment to bring to justice those who upload and share these types of images, as well as to protect young people from harm.

“Through the SHPO, we will have the necessary powers to monitor Pitynski’s online activity over the next ten years, thereby minimizing the risk of further harm to the public.”

People who are concerned that someone has been convicted of a sexual offense and may pose a risk to a child can request disclosure of information through Sarah’s Law:

Anyone who takes care of the well-being of a child can get information. This can include parents, caregivers, guardians, extended family, friends, and neighbors.

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