Open Source Hot Rod Mod Gives More Power To Electric Vehicle Owners

Meet [Daniel Öster]. [Daniel] is a self-proclaimed oil tanker. In other words, he’s a hot rodder who can’t leave him alone well enough. Just because he’s driving a 2012 Nissan Leaf doesn’t mean he’s not looking for a little more dynamism. Having already upgraded the battery, [Daniel] turned his attention to upgrading 80KW inverter. Not only was [Daniel] successful, but the work has been documented and the open source code made available on GitHub. Part of [Daniel]The mission of is to open up otherwise closed ecosystems and make hacking and repairing electric vehicles accessible to ordinary mortals.

To obtain an additional 50hp, [Daniel] Could have just swapped out the 110KW transmission from a Leaf 2018 or newer, but a cheaper way of swapping into only the 110KW inverter was chosen. By changing only the inverter, the modification becomes more affordable for others. [Daniel] expertly documents how the new 110KW inverter is to be matched to the existing motor by setting a resolver correction value in the inverter.

Not for the faint of heart, swapping the inverter requires changing the connectors to a newer style.

Cutting the electrical harness of a vehicle on which payments are still made is an exercise reserved only for the most dedicated modders, but a change in connections between 2012 and 2018 made it necessary. The only tools needed were wire cutters, a soldering iron, a heat shrink, and maybe some liquid courage.

Although the hack was successful, there was no performance gain initially as the CAN bus signal sent to the inverter never told it to deliver more than the original 80kW. A Man In The Middle CAN bus attack was performed by adding a CAN bridge device that listens for traffic on the CAN bus and bends it to [Daniel]willingness. By multiplying the KW signal by 1.3, the 80KW signal becomes 110KW, and the ridiculous full speed is reached! There are excellent gains at 0-100 km / h, but [Daniel] is not done. His next hack will be to put in a 160KW inverter for even more pedal madness.

Make sure to watch the intro video under the break. You might also be interested in the Nissan Leaf hacks we featured earlier, such as upgrading a fast charge port, recovering batteries from wrecks, and partially resolving serious charging faults.

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