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NSC Releases Security Innovation and Technology White Paper

Technology can benefit employers in many ways, helping to reduce injuries and save money.

The National Safety Council (NSC) has released a white paper on the benefits of safety technology and how it can save lives.

According to a press release, the article, “Making the Business Case for Safety Innovation,” discusses how to reduce fatalities and save money by implementing safety technology. It includes eight technologies, such as autonomous mobile robots and technologies that help avoid collisions, steps to build a business case, ROI case studies and more.

The press release notes that investing in technology can save lives and money. The statement said: “work from scratch found that companies that invest in safety innovation can not only quickly recoup their initial investments, but also benefit from greater production efficiency and quality through the prevention of serious injuries and fatalities .

NSC has also released a calculator to determine return on investment.

“We know financial constraints are a common impediment to investing in security technology, especially in low-margin industries. However, last year nearly 5,000 people lost their lives in preventable workplace fatalities, which is why educating small and large businesses alike about the costs saved and won through a wider implementation of these technologies,” said Paul Vincent, NSC Vice President. practice in the press release. “This report ultimately provides environmental, health and safety officials with a quantifiable basis to make a business case for safety innovation, which we know saves the lives of workers.”

The document was released as part of the NSC’s Work to Zero initiative, which aims to reduce workplace fatalities to zero by 2050.

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