NETSCOUT Engages with NTT Communications on Threat Intelligence and Resiliency to DDOS Attacks


NETSCOUT SYSTEMS, a market leader in cybersecurity, service assurance and business analytics, announced that it is working with NTT Communications Corporation (NTT Com) to conduct resiliency research and testing to detect and mitigate cyber attacks by leveraging the resources of NETSCOUT’s ATLAS Security Engineering and Response Team (ASERT).

NTT Com is taking active steps to ensure that its network can support the increased traffic and security needs while providing a more resilient network for the future.

Volumetric DDoS attacks exceed the ability of the internal network to consume bandwidth so that genuine users cannot access a network, application, or service.

“We have detected a dramatic increase in volumetric DDoS cyber attacks around the world since the release of Mirai’s source code, including a 1.7 Tbps reflection / amplification attack in recent years,” said Hardik Modi, vice-president Associate President of Engineering, Threat and Mitigation Products. , NETSCOUT.

NETSCOUT ASERT will collaborate with the technical team of NTT Com to implement this initiative in September 2021 and will continue until December 2021. The objective will be to discover and mitigate large DDoS attacks, to implement measures defense for application attacks, analyze malware attacks in honeypots, take advantage of artificial intelligence. (AI) to predict cyber attacks and identify new attacks before they become a problem.

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