Morning Lookout: an eye on the weather, integrating IT and surf equity

A soggy hello to you, Santa Cruz County. It is Monday, December 13 and it will be sloppy, with rain expected overnight. Winds can also be a problem:

Some landslides have been reported on county roads, and mudslides and debris flows are a concern in areas marked by the 2020 CZU complex fire; take it easy today, and come back with Lookout for updates on this developing story.

Somewhere else, Lookout’s Hillary Ojeda walked into a Santa Cruz classroom to see how things like rocks and erosion help some elementary school students learn computer skills.

The backlash is over gender inequality in an October surfing contest highlighted the problem, and Lookout’s Mark Conley and collaborator Liza Monroy took a closer look.

Are we losing our edge? This is the question about Santa Cruz that has been on Lookout’s Wallace Baine mind, and while he’s having his thoughts, we’d love to hear what you think of it as well. Let us know: [email protected].

Now the headlines:

Sewing, Rock Erosion, and Coding: How Some Elementary Students Learn Computer Science

(Kevin Painchaud / Santa Cruz Belvedere)

For the annual Computer Science Education Week, schools in Santa Cruz County focused on how to improve learning and equity in computer science. Lookout’s Hillary Ojeda got a close-up.

?? CONTEXT: A call to action in IT: National Education Week kicks off in Santa Cruz County (Lookout)

Don’t mess with women

Graceful feet stepping up to the nose.

The backlash of inequity at a surfing contest in October led to a re-examination of fairness and the law. Go Deep with Lookout’s Mark Conley and Collaborator Liza Monroy.

?? CHILD RETURN: Santa Cruz surfer Nat Young looks back on world tour in honor of his mother (Lookout)

Forget about keeping Santa Cruz weird; have we completely lost our once notorious advantage?

The beginning

When “The Lost Boys” came out in 1987, it highlighted the advantage for which Santa Cruz had become known. Almost a quarter of a century later, it’s worth re-evaluating whether those same eccentric ideals are still a part of this place. Lookout’s Wallace Baine steps in.

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With the 2022 campaign on the horizon, Newsom has the public eye on its own

Governor Gavin Newsom speaks at a high school in Los Angeles.

(Gary Coronado / Los Angeles Times)

Gov. Gavin Newsom is nearly alone on the public scene with just six months until the June state primary, a testament to his loss to the California recall this fall. Our Los Angeles Times partners take stock.

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Proposed state law seeks to ban freeway extensions in underserved communities

California Congressman Cristina Garcia (D-Bell Gardens).

(Al Seib / Los Angeles Times)

A California lawmaker has proposed blocking state funding and permits for freeway expansion in poor and polluted neighborhoods. The Times examines the proposal.

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Around the county …

?? Santa Cruz junior football team wins Super Bowl Pop Warner (Santa Cruz Sentinel)
?? State grant will help Watsonville renovate City Plaza (The Pajaronian)
?? Scotts Valley ex-cop says forced sexual harassment was not investigated (The press banner)
?? Independent oversight possible for Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office (Local of Santa Cruz)

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Stay safe today, folks – I’ll see you here tomorrow morning.

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