MerchantPro: EUR 400,000 investment in MerchantPro Next, a new showcase for online shops

After an investment of more than 400,000 euros and 12 months of development, MerchantPro, the local platform for SaaS solutions for eCommerce, has launched MerchantPro Next, a new showcase dedicated to the stores on the platform. MerchantPro Next offers an open system for editing HTML and CSS code and content rendering templates, a suite of preconfigured design themes, and a module for creating and customizing pages based on no-code design principles. It also dramatically increases site loading speed, directly impacting the performance of Google Web Core Vitals.

According to recent studies, a user decides to stay or leave a site within 50 milliseconds, which puts increasing pressure on the quality of online user experience. Furthermore, the online dynamic continues in 2022 on the same positive trend – with increases of almost 40% during the first four months of the year in the value of orders, at the level of more than 1,500 stores operating through the MerchantPro platform.

Thus, after two years of sustained growth across the entire e-commerce segment and growing competition between sellers in all product categories, trends show an urgent need to optimize the user experience.

Higher loading speed

If in 2020 it was important to be online, in 2022 it is essential that your online presence is as effective as possible. Site loading speed, UX and SEO friendly structure and design with direct impact on search engine performance metrics, smooth checkout process and online payment methods in as few steps as possible are among the elements that will differentiate players in a market with clear signs of maturity. Although the concepts are not new, they receive a new approach in the context where the whole of e-commerce is refined, the ranking in search engines being more than ever dependent on it.said Arthur Rădulescu, CEO of MerchantPro.

Among the advantages of MerchantPro Next are an easy payment process, with high performance in the field of user experience, respectively a direct impact on decreasing the cart abandonment rate and increasing the conversion rate. Merchant Pro Next also allows access to hosted online payment methods, with data entry directly in the store, while the payment process can be configured in one or two steps.

At the same time, in order to optimize the user experience, new functionalities are added Visual Predictive Search and Search Facets, which provide instant access to the products that the customer is looking for, with the precision that the consumer expects.

The new storefront on the MerchantPro platform brings faster loading speeds to the e-commerce market, including content-rich pages, through the use of a high-performance CDN solution, as well as the optimization of image compression based on automatic compression. The websites load super fast, despite the complexity of the design and the content delivered.

no codes design, but also open source code editing system

In terms of site design, the MerchantPro Next system also provides platform users with a gallery of UX&UI and SEO optimized design templates that can be customized without code-level intervention.

Studies show that 94% of a user’s first impression is related to visuals, and it’s essential for a merchant to have access to configurable design elements without necessarily relying on the help of a external team. MerchantPro Next includes features and functionality that provide a high level of flexibility, and all of these developments have been designed with higher rankings than Google Core Web Vitals indicators. We have also taken into account the demands of a new generation of buyers, with little tolerance for unpleasant online experiences and more open than ever to the foreign market, where competition is fierce.said Arthur Radulescu.

Giving each online merchant the ability to quickly customize the interface of their site, MerchantPro Next has developed Widget Studio, a system dedicated to the visual design of pages. As a result, users have the ability to create complex landing pages to maximize campaign performance and even reconfigure the content and structure of classic store pages.

For those looking for even more flexibility in customizing the online store, the MerchantPro Next template suite has an open-source code editing system in HTML and CSS, which can be customized by both the merchant’s team, but also with the help of MerchantPro’s technical support.

We know how important it is for merchants to have predictability in terms of the costs and duration of a development. Thus, our solutions provide the necessary tools for online performance, whether or not our customers have a dedicated team.said Arthur Rădulescu, CEO of MerchantPro.

All stores that access MerchantPro solutions, whether newly created online stores or migrated from other platforms, will automatically work with the MerchantPro Next storefront. Regarding the more than 1,500 stores active on the platform, estimates show that by the end of the year, more than 90% of the stores on the platform will make the transition to the new storefront.

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