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I was wondering if Andersen Windows had such a man to improve wood.

At some point in the sales interview, Mary’s phone rang. She apologized to take the call. Desiree looked at me.

– I think you’re like my husband, she said. “He doesn’t say much, but he’s a great listener. When he has a question, it’s usually a good question.

– I have no questions, I say.

She asked me if I was retired and I said yes. She said she would like to get there in about 10 years. If so, I think she would retire a little earlier.

What salesperson wouldn’t like to retire early?

I remember when I was a bartender at a Holiday Inn in Phoenix. The vendors would come when we opened at 11 am for a late morning nudge. An extra dry double martini. Of course, the world was a drunken place then. It must have been easier to be a salesperson. In fact, it was easier to be anything back then.

Desiree measured the windows in our living room. She opened her computer and did some calculations. The figure that appeared seemed beyond our reach.

But wait. This initial figure did not take discounts into account. The first discount was the one I saw on the computer. This special sale on windows. In addition, there was a second discount. Could have been a seasonal discount. Finally, there was the same day discount. This is the discount you only get if you buy on the day of the seller’s first visit. The other discounts will be available for a short time – Andersen Windows doesn’t offer many discounts, Desiree explained – but the same-day discount is only available once.

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