Lost Ark 50 Friend Hidden Achievement leads to player chat and spam

The latest hidden achievement discovered in Lost Ark is the subject of much controversy. The new achievement 50 friends filled the chat with spam and friend requests.

Ever since word got out about the secret achievement that rewards players with 1000 free Amethyst Shards, it feels like the world and nearby chat is filled to the brim with spam.

Especially in divided linguistic regions like Europe, the chat has been like a war zone since the realization was discovered. People who spam friend requests and people who spam people who ask for friends are mostly what you see.

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Spamming chat in Lost Ark

With a chat already overrun with scam bots and, in some regions, divided by language barriers, “add me” spam was the last thing players needed.

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The discovery of the recent achievement of 50 friends has led many angry players to create posts on forums or on the official subreddit.

This problem is especially hard to ignore because many people are looking to get the free gems and constantly spam the chat. Blocking is also not an answer, with some players claiming that the 100 block limit per account is too low.

This is a particularly bad appearance for the game since this is what most new players will see in chat. And, if they want to ask a question in the chat, it will immediately be scanned under 50 “add me” messages.

Make sure you’re up to date with the game, here’s a look at the latest Lost Ark patch notes.

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Is there a fix for chat spam in Lost Ark?

As of this writing, no fix has been officially announced.

Some possible fixes that the developers could make to fix the issue are limiting message time on Global and Nearby chats. Even reducing the friend requirements for achievement completion could slow chat spam.

Players are understandably angry about this issue, and sooner or later the developers will have to fix it.

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