Long Valley Middle School Health Curriculum Discussion Scheduled

LONG VALLEY, NJ – Following the success of the curriculum discussion for K-5 students, the Washington Township School District will host a separate health curriculum discussion on September 12 for all middle school classes. .

The state curriculum, which was approved by the state Board of Education in 2020, is titled “New Jersey Student Learning Standards – Comprehensive Physical and Health Education.”

It covers a wide range of issues and topics, including personal hygiene, mental and social well-being, community health and support, fitness, nutrition, safety and substance abuse. There are several areas that cover various sexual health topics, such as personal growth, pregnancy and parenthood, as well as social and sexual health.

Long Valley parents have repeatedly expressed concern about the 2020 comprehensive health and physical education standards, prompting school officials to receive some aspects of the curriculum.

Curriculum Director Deborah Russo and LVMS Health Educator Kristina LeViere recently spoke about the curriculum change.

“We’re trying to clear up any misunderstandings, but also highlight some of the really great messages and lessons that are taught in college,” Russo said.

Both Russo and LeViere provided an overview of lesson plans for the college health class in a brief video, naming all the discussion topics and outlining the timeline.

The video also provided information about the opt-out policy and named common lessons parents choose to take away for their children.

According to LeViere, the college health course is a 30-day rotation in which each lesson is covered in one to two days. Discussion topics include peer pressure, the dangers of substance abuse, conflict resolution, self-expression and a brief overview of safe sex practices.

“To be honest, I really believe that hopefully you talk about it at home before they come to school and hear about it because I should just add to what you say” , said LeViere.

The next forum will be on Monday, September 12 at 6:30 p.m. at the LCC at Long Valley Middle School and will be open to all parents and guardians who have questions about how the district is implementing the program at the middle school.

All parents are welcome on the forum and are asked to confirm their attendance at the meeting by clicking here.

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