Leaked first GTA 6 gameplay videos

We got to see our first GTA 6 gameplay leak, with information leaked online, along with hours of footage from an early development build. Following the leak, fans are very excited after watching some of the videos and hoping for the best. Keep in mind that so far no one reliable has officially backed the aforementioned potentially leaked footage, but when it comes to next-gen graphics, new tweaks, and GTA-style gameplay, there’s a lot to analyze.

Credit @Rockstar Games

Now, footage of the upcoming game has leaked online and the source of the leak has yet to be confirmed. Alleged first footage of the upcoming Grand Theft Auto game has leaked online, with more than 90 videos showing off its engine, gameplay, and early development around its early engine build.

According to the rumor circulating around the Rockstar game, it seems that there has been a data breach, as Grand Theft Auto 6 gameplay videos, source code and internal Rockstar files have been leaked online. It’s been nine years since Rockstar Games released Grand Theft Auto V, and now a leaked video showing Grand Theft Auto VI (GTA 6) gameplay is circulating the internet.

Leaked GTA 6 gameplay videos

Credit @Rockstar Games

Rockstar is in big trouble this morning as a massive amount of early GTA 6 footage has been leaked, spreading to over 90 videos currently posted on all forms of social media. The next Rockstars game in the Grand Theft Auto series, the Grand Theft Auto series is perhaps one of the most anticipated video games, and a new alleged leak could give us a better look at GTA 6.

We see it running on PC and PS4 with debugging tools. First of all, regarding the location and main characters, what was leaked now looks pretty good, as Grand Theft Auto V is probably over 2 years away from release. According to the leaks, we’re getting a female protagonist as well as the return of Vice City. The videos showed what appeared to be recorded from a 2020-2021 development version of the game. Additionally, the game will feature an RDR2-like inventory system as can be seen from 2 weapons on the character as well what a great NPC chat system.

Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier now claims the leak is real after Rockstar sources confirmed it. User TeapotUberHacker posted a 3GB file on the GTA Forums which appears to contain Grand Theft Auto 6 gameplay footage. The source of this file is from the GTA Forums, where user TeapotUberHacker also claims to be behind the recent Uber hack. According to the leaks, the game seems to be a few years away from release, and the latest suggestion is that GTA 6 will release around 2024 or 2025.

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