Indian singer Sona Mohapatra debuts at Times Square Billboard, Entertainment News

Indian singer, music producer and performer Sona Mohapatra is making her first appearance on the Times Square Billboard in New York today.

She was handpicked as part of a campaign run by a music streaming platform and will lead the Indian side of the global campaign throughout the month of July. Her single ‘Aise Na They’ will be featured on the platform’s playlist throughout this month as she joins other global artists such as Meryl (France), Bowklylion (Thailand), Nadin Amizah (Indonesia) and Anikv (Russia). ).

Speaking of this achievement as a “milestone” in her career, Sona Mohapatra said: “Waking up in the middle of the night to see photos of my face on a billboard covering a skyscraper in one of my cities. favorite, New York was a surreal feeling. . Being one of the first independent musicians to be given this spot is a milestone in pop culture as it paves the way for artistic expression of various hues and colors without cookie-cutter formulas in traditional musical success. . I have been releasing original music regularly for many years, have fought many battles for intellectual property and artist residue and it has been exhilarating … “

She also wrote a heartfelt note on Instagram about her dreamy debut. “Being in a Times Square, the city of #NewYork billboard is a #popculture milestone for any artist. Being the face of a message for a more EQUAL world, an honor. Happy to brag and say yes, I may be the rare if not the first independent artist to be here alone with incredible allies. Thank you @spotifyindia @spotify, Padmanabhan NS, Tulika and others for their love of artists & thank you @believemusic for your belief. @ Ramsampathofficial you are the wind under my wings. @dilipmohapatra you give me my fighting spirit and my crazed need for attention to detail, Nayantara Mohapatra you are my source code for all good things. This is just the start of things to come in #India !! (sic) ”, we read in part in the caption of his message.

Composed by Ram Sampath (also, his partner) and lyrics by Amitabh Bhattacharya, ‘Aise Na They’, revolves around a relationship that has lost its effervescence, but a sense of optimism is infused into the track through the nice sound of the hills with pop rock mixed with aerial flutes and sparkling mandolins.

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