I know the correct way to update the app so as not to lose any chats or photos

in the last days, WhatsApp Introduced a new series of updates, which deals with the way audios are sent because before being sent it is possible to hear them again and if you don’t like it you can delete it and send a new one.

On the other hand, application The most used messaging service has launched new features and functions that will be available from 2022. Among them it is worth noting the reproduction of Instagram reels from the application itself, without having to enter the social network to do this. Other tasks will be included WhatsApp This is a reply to messages as this will allow the use of emoji. Each message can have seven different types of responses.

is very common in Application Be part of groups, whether at work, with friends, at university or otherwise. However, the application has launched a new function that will allow the creation of forums and sub-forums where it will have the participation of multiple users. To expand the capacity of groups, communities will be created, which involves forming a group and creating sub-communities within it.

On the other hand, it is common for users to use screenshots to share a conversation with a friend or family member. in regards to, WhatsApp You’re working on notifying people who took screenshots. This update is intended to improve security and privacy.

Finally, one of the most requested tasks by users is to keep chats and files in case the data gets deleted or reset. application, Therefore, it must be updated correctly WhatsApp And for this you need to log into the Play Store, enter the update and in a few seconds it will be available for use.

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