Handing over computers to high school students

The Occitanie District rewarded its 60,000 high school students in second and first year with its brand new computer program, in red with its briefcase. At the Germaine Tillion high school in Castelnaudary, the cast was happily and humorously distributed by distributors Hakim and Maxime, Friday, September 17, in the rich amphitheater of “exactly 478 pieces”, according to Hakim. “It’s very good that they receive their computers at the start of the school year, and teachers can really support their teaching practices”, smiles Florence Jencks, director since 2017. It is a key tool of the Pedagogical Continuity Plan. At the request of the ministry, we have accelerated in terms of digital practices through the hybridization that we experienced last year and distance training.

The students received in a file in front of the gallery two copies of the agreement to be signed. They will be under a three-year contract with the obligation to keep their new gadget. A touch screen computer with an autonomy of 13 hours is prohibited on Le Bon Coin for three years. “It empowers them and that’s a huge asset. We see that there is no loss or theft and they are very proud of it. Then, it provides a level playing field. There are students who also use it in post-baccalaureate, if they take care of it they will use it for a long time. The operation represents 4,000 computers in 12 high schools in the Aude department and contributes to “the cheapest return to school in France,” recalls Claudie Faucon-Megan, regional councilor. “With free school transport from kindergarten to high school, textbooks, help with the purchase of a sports license, and cultural vouchers thanks to the Youth Card, the 60 million euros invested by the region are helping to ‘save 500 euros per family on average.

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