GamCare Reveals Women’s Program Report Findings

The charity GamCare has published an evaluation report of the Women’s Program training sessions and found that 85% of its latest round of participants improved their understanding of the harms of gambling. The evaluation report was produced by inFocus Consulting and details the work of the program in its second year, providing training to 918 organizations across the UK.

The 85% professional was a 60% increase from the first year. After receiving training, 97% of professionals understood the impact of problem gambling on the women they work with. 96% of professionals said they felt more confident in their ability to refer women to gambling support services.

As new online casinos spring up, including many new online casinos in the UK, problem gambling is also on the rise. Many casinos have a responsible gaming section on their website. One of the main measures that online casinos tend to implement is a budgeting system so players don’t overdo it when playing online. Players are encouraged never to chase their losses and/or to play more than they are prepared to lose. Players are also encouraged never to view gambling as a means of making money, but rather as a form of entertainment. However, sometimes gamers need a bigger nudge to realize that they need to slow down their gambling activities and ask for help.

The women’s program is made up of a team of training and engagement leaders who have a range of skills and experience in different sectors including mental health, health and social services, domestic violence and education.

This training aims to improve professionals’ understanding of the impact of problem gambling on women, while making them aware of its support services.

GamCare also added that women can be affected by gambling-related harms, such as financial, mental health and relationship issues. The charity also noted that there was a 6% increase in the number of women who started accessing gambling support in the UK over the past year.

GamCare, Managing Director, Anna Hemmings, says that “we are encouraged to see greater access for women using GamCare treatment and support services, and an increased reach of our professional trainings, leading to a better understanding of how gambling harms affect women. Over the past year we have seen an increase in the percentage of women contacting the National Gambling Helpline for assistance.

Hemmings continues, “At GamCare, we know that stigma and shame are a major barrier for women disclosing their concerns, whether it’s about their own gambling or a loved one. The Women’s Program works to reduce the stigma, which affects women at risk of experiencing harm from gambling, in order to better understand and address the barriers they face when seeking treatment. Over the next year, we want to continue to educate women about the harmful effects of gambling on women and report gambling support services available to women. »

Founded in 1997, GamCare is the leading provider of information, advice and support for anyone affected by gambling problems and harm. The charity runs the National Gambling Helpline, provides treatment to anyone harmed by gambling, raises awareness of safer gambling and treatment, and encourages an effective approach to safer gambling within the gambling industry.

The charity is working with staff and service users to identify four broad strategic ambitions that will drive their work forward in pursuit of our mission. They strive to ensure that the harms of gambling are widely recognized and prevented, for universal access to effective tools and support, for universal access to caring, evidence-based and integrated treatments, and for their charitable work is reliable, valued and effective.

GamCare offers a number of helplines, live chats, forums, chat rooms and face-to-face treatment in various locations across the UK.

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