Fortnite may soon add League of Legends’ Jinx as an Arcane promotion

There are only a lot of ways to joke about adding another character to Fortnite, so I’ll get right to the point. Jinx from League of Legends may soon arrive in the IP assortment. While it hasn’t been officially announced by Epic Games, the news comes from a reliable insider Shiina, whose previous disclosures have been perfect.

Shiina has revealed that Jinx will be added to the game next week as a promotion for Riot Games’ upcoming Arcane TV series, which premieres on Netflix on November 6. It’s unclear what other items will come with Jinx, but they could be themed his Fishbones rocket launcher and his Mr. Pew Pew minigun.

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The Arcane TV series will focus on the town of Piltover, the home of Runeterra’s greatest minds. However, the balance of all things is threatened with the creation of hexech, a means of controlling magical energy. It will also feature some of LoL’s heroes and their stories. Previous trailers have shown Jinx exploring an abandoned building to find an old boxing machine that she began to beat and relive traumatic memories. The first episode of Arcane will be available to co-stream exclusively on Twitch, so you’ll be able to watch it with your favorite content creators and even earn in-game rewards for Riot games.

As for Fortnite, it does the usual thing of devouring any IP it can get its hands on. More recently, Resident Evil’s Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine have been added to the game. A number of themed items have also been introduced with the duo, including the bling back Green, Red and Blue Herb, the back bling Saving Keystrokes based on the save point of the typewriter and pickaxes based on the Hot Dogger and Stun Rod.

But if anime is your thing, Fortnite may soon be adding the legendary Naruto. This revelation came from another reliable source, Hypex, who claimed that the Natuto ID in the game’s source code contained two tags, which most likely meant Naruto and Sasuke would be announced very soon. They also revealed that the Kunai Mythic Explosive will be added as a weapon and a bowl of ramen will feature as a creative piece.

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