Farebersville. Computers for better learning

At the town hall of Faribersweiler, the mayor, Laurent Kleinents, and his assistant in charge of school affairs, Malika Harat, welcomed young people from the city who gave them computers donated to AFEV (Association Foundation of Students of the City ). Last June, 32 computers had already been given to CM1 high school students who requested them. In total, 67 young men and women attended the Farébersviller school.

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“Luck for the students”

At this second operation, Marina Wack and Amélie Marchiol, from Afif, Sarah and Ni Antsa, officials and mentors were present. “I am happy to meet parents and young people today when it is usually far away. We’ve been working with everyone for quite some time, providing mentors to young people in school, ”said Marina Wack.

For Malika Harath, the assistant in charge of school affairs, the process is “an opportunity for students who do not have access to digital technology. They can thus work and benefit in addition to the support of a mentor. When Afif contacted us last April, we responded immediately. for this show. It seemed to us that it responded to the requests of parents and especially of students, who are not connected, who cannot work with computers in this way. The assistance provided by Afev is completely free. It’s a very good initiative. “

“In the digital air”

“We are in the digital world,” recalls Laurent Kleinhentz, the mayor. Having a computer today is learning to master a computer gadget that is already part of our world and will be more present tomorrow. I thank my mentors, Afif, who took the time to support the students. Soon, another process of handing over the computer to a new group of students will be able to benefit from this digital support and mentorship.

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