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Islamabad, December 26 (KMS): In the present age of information and technological advancement, India still manages to deceive the world and carries on false flag operations, killing its own people, just for the sake of it. simple interests, writes freelance journalist Bakhtawar Mahmood.

In one of her blogs, she wrote that the phenomenon began in 1971 – the fall of Dhaka and that this saga continues.

“I will try to unveil all the major events one by one from the pages of history on how India planned, conducted and maneuvered the facts just to defame Pakistan in international forums. I will share also with you the evidence that I have gathered, from the investigation of Hemant Karkare in the explosions of the Samjhota Express, to the book by German author Elias Davidson exposing the attacks in Mumbai as an inside job.

“Based on this evidence, I will also suggest the way forward that either India must present proof of Pakistani involvement or the world should wake up to name and shame India for blaming Pakistan, ”she added.

Regarding the fall of Dhaka, she wrote: “It started in 1971, when India succeeded in blinding the whole world, selling its own story, causing the fall of Dhaka and defaming Pakistan. But later it was revealed that India was behind all this dirty game. In an interview, Major General (ret’d) ZA Khan, former director of DGFI (Bangladeshi Intelligence) said: “He doesn’t do any doubt that RAW played a vital role in our liberation war, but their motivation was to divide Pakistan at all costs to weaken their great rival, Pakistan. Their hidden goal is to establish undivided India, which they call “Akhand Bharat Mata”. Indira Gandhi’s confession is also on record when she revealed after the fall of Dhaka with these arrogant words: “We have taken revenge for a thousand years” and “we have drowned the two nations theory in the Bay of Bengal” . Prior to that, India staged a hijacking drama of a “Ganga” flight flying from Srinagar to Jammu, blaming Kashmiri freedom activists, resulting in a ban on Pakistani aircraft overflights over the Indian territory to East Pakistan. Modi’s admission during his visit to Bangladesh in March 202 that the East Pakistan debacle was supported from every nook and cranny of India, also reveals the evil face of India.

Regarding the Chittisinghpura massacre in 2000, she wrote: “The New Delhi court and other strategists noted that the entire Chittisinghpura massacre in 2000 was described as a false flag operation to exploit and defame the Pakistan’s image internationally. In an interview with Sikh News Express, retired Lieutenant General KS Singh admitted that the Indian military was involved in the Chittisinghpura massacre in 2000. “

On the attack on the Indian Parliament in 2001, Bakhtawar Mahmood wrote: “The former officer of the (Indian) Interior Ministry Mr. RVS Mani said that the members of the inquiry committee claimed that the attack on the Parliament Indian had been orchestrated by the Indian government. Mr. Satish Verma, member of the CBI-SIT investigative team, said: “The attack on the Indian parliament and the attacks in Mumbai in 2008 were organized with the aim of strengthening anti-terrorism legislation and obtain additional funds ”.

In the next episode, Bakhtawar Mahmood says, “I will explain the sinister Indian designs behind the Mecca Masjid explosions of 2002, the Malegaon explosions of 2006 and the Samjhauta Express incident of 2007, the Mumbai attacks of 2008, the 2016 Pathankot Air Base attack, the 2019 Pulwama Balakot attack and operation, 2019-20 EU Disinfolab and recently carried out an attack on December 13 against the police in Srinagar, killing 2 policemen and injuring dozens.

On Mecca Masjid (2002), Malegaon blasts (2006) & Samjhauta Express (2007), she wrote: Explosions of the Express, Mecca Masjid and Malegaon. Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) leader Hemant Karkare was investigating the Malegaon explosion in 2006, in which the names of many Hindu hardline supporters of Sangh Parivar, RSS, BJP, Jagran Munch were included . The plan was to remove ATS leader Hemant Karkare and appoint a new ATS leader to protect these hard-line supporters from prosecution. The ATS also claimed that the serving army officer, Lt. Col. Purohit, was arrested in connection with the Malegaon explosion, also involved in the Samjhota explosion in 2007. Mr. Hemant Karkare was later targeted and killed during the Mumbai operation in 2008. Swami Aseemanand confessed to the NIA, CBI and ATS that the bombing of the Mecca Mosque in Hyderabad Deccan in 2007 was planned and led by RSS members.
On the Mumbai attacks – 2008, Bakhtawar Mahmood said: “The book by German author Elias Davidson titled ‘The Betrayal of India: Revisiting the Evidence of 11/26’ verified that the Mumbai attack was a false flag by Indian, American and Israeli intelligence services for Pakistani evil, and must be probed.

Regarding Pathankot Air Base Attack – 2016, she writes: “DG NIA Sharad Kumar reported after investigation that she did not find any direct involvement of Pakistani agencies.

Likewise on the Pulwama attack and Operation Balakot-2019, she added: “The BJP, for vested political interests, killed its own Indian soldiers during the Pulwama attack, making a lame excuse to lead. air strikes in Balakot / Pakistan. ‘The Wire’ later disclosed discussions on WhatsApp between presenter Arnab Goswami and former BARC rating agency CEO Partho Dasgupta. Discussions revealed the sinister plans made by Modi’s government to blame Pakistan for the mock attack on Pulwama, followed by a botched airstrike on Balakot in February 2019. The reason for this operation was to win extremist Hindu votes at the general elections from April to May 2019.. “

Bakhtawar Mahmood also mentioned the systematic state-sponsored disinformation campaigns and bogus attacks on police in Srinagar as artefacts from inside India and called on Indians to open their eyes to the government. Modi’s RSS of how they spread terror, killing their own citizens, just for political interests.

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