Drivers divided over neighbour’s sneaky trick to reserve parking space

DRIVERS are divided over a neighbour’s sneaky trick to reserve a parking spot when they’re not home.

A photo shared on the Reddit discussion board by a puzzled resident claims that a guy on his street is using a broken moped to save his space.


A photo shared on the Reddit discussion board shows a neighbor using a broken moped to save space.Credit: Reddit

The photo, taken at night, also shows the scooter with two large gaps between other cars parked on the road.

Accompanying the photo, the neighbor who shared the image said: ‘My neighbor bought a broken moped to hold his parking spot when he’s not home.

It is not known where the incident took place.

But the parking loophole sparked a fierce debate over whether or not the trick was an acceptable thing to do, The Mirror reported.

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One person chimed in, “If where you live looks anything like mine, it’ll be in the back of a van anytime soon.”

While another added: “You have to go there and face him in the opposite direction just to play with his mind.”

Another user wrote: “I would find something to put next so when he moves his bike there is no room for his car.

“Yes, I am so small.”

While another person got technical, questioning the legality of having a broken down vehicle on the road.

They claimed: ‘It takes a tax, a mot AND insurance to be on a public road, I think, if declared SORN it shouldn’t be on the road at all.’

While one user went so far as to share an anecdote of how he dealt with space clutter issues.

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They wrote: “When a Mini was smaller than a Land Rover, there was a young girl who parked hers blocking the driveway at the back of the store every morning.

“It’s become routine for the four of us to pick it up and carry it down the street so she can get her ticket for giving up the fucking thing.”

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