DraftKings promo code unlocks wild NFL Week 14 bonus

The NFL Week 14 slate is here and the latest DraftKings promo code offers an obvious 100-1 odds on one of the day’s games. Those looking for a no-sweat sportsbook bonus on any Sunday game will want to lock in the app’s current offer, one that offers what is likely to be an easy payout.

The latest DraftKings promo code available throughout NFL Week 14 gives odds of 100-1 with a bet of $ 1, earn $ 100 bonus on any game selected to present at least one score.

Here is the configuration. Select any game. Bet $ 1 on its winner. If either team puts at least one score on the board, grab a bonus of $ 100. For example, let’s say you log into the late afternoon showdown between the Bucs and the Bills. If these two teams combine for at least a safety, a field goal or a touchdown, the bonus pays off. This is very clearly an obvious offer, but we will detail it further.

Click here and lock in the latest DraftKings promo code before or during the NFL Week 14 action.

DraftKings Promo Code NFL Week 14

Typically, DraftKings promotions offer low risk bonuses that are linked to high odds. And while that is the case this week, this latest special is also tied to a potentially touching proposition. And it’s likely to hit like in very likely to strike.

If you’re worried about confrontations or the effectiveness of some offenses, you probably don’t need to. The point is, less than a handful of games have featured a scoreless team this season, while no game has ended in a scoreless tie. In fact, to find the last NFL game that ended in a 0-0 stalemate, you’ll have to go back before the Super Bowl era began. Way back.

No NFL game has ended in a scoreless tie since the early 1940s. So while we’re ready to concede that anything is possible today, we’re pretty confident the streak won’t end. in a close future.

How to redeem the latest DraftKings promo code

This NFL Week 14 bonus does not actually require a specific DraftKings promotional code. In an effort to simplify the process, the bonus code can be ignored. Just use the links in this article and sign up by clicking on the landing page, creating an account, making a deposit, and wagering over $ 1 on any game. Just follow these steps to get started:

  • Click on here record. Complete the 1 to 2 minute registration process.
  • Make a first deposit of at least $ 5 or more. Many financing options are available.
  • Go for this 100-1 chance, a no-brainer. You can do this in the main menu or click on the specials tab to activate the offer.
  • Place a $ 1 money bet on any team in action today. Make sure to select the increase in odds before confirming the bet.
  • Claim the bonus if / when this game has at least one score.

This offer is available in all states where DraftKings is currently live.

Other NFL Week 14 Sportsbook Bonuses

Bettors can enter a bet bet on the same NFL Week 14 game and get $ 3 for a free bet for each SGP placed.

Also be sure to check out a special boost on the Clyde Edwards-Helaire to exceed 58.5 rushing yards with a boost rating of +125 with other boosts.

Click here and lock in the latest DraftKings promo code before or during the NFL Week 14 action.

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