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SCOTTSDALE, Arizona., September 8, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – Computer Guidance Corporation, the leading developer of cloud-based ERP solutions for the construction industry, today announced that WIMCO Corporation is seeing huge productivity and financial gains following the implementation eCMS v.4.2 workflow and content management applications implemented. . WIMCO recently switched to CGC’s flagship ERP and implemented its latest suite of advanced applications as part of a digital transformation strategy. The end result was a significant reduction in time and expense, as well as an increased profit margin.

With its first iteration of digital imaging and content management, WIMCO Corporation had already improved its operations over manual processing of AP invoices, but the company still lacked the ability to have access and sharing of data. content on demand and in real time. With eCMS v.4.2, WIMCO was able to implement advanced workflow capabilities that no longer required hours of coding invoices for jobs, extensive validation processes, searching for content in segmented folders and more. .

ECMS v.4.2 content and workflow management applications provide a single platform where all digital content is accessible in real time to support processing and decision making. The content can be viewed and used through various user-level security settings and is available to all departments in any phase of project activity. Capturing, managing and sharing information is transparent and available through high-level reports and dashboards or in detail.

“We love the way CGC stays ahead of the curve and never stops innovating. Their forward-thinking vision ensures that WIMCO remains in good hands no matter what the evolution or growth of our business, ”said Darlene moore, Executive Vice President / Secretary-Treasurer, WIMCO Corporation. “CGC works with its clients to understand how they can best deliver advanced workflow solutions to take business efficiency to new levels, positively impacting the entire business from one platform. -unique, integrated and fully digital form. “

“ECMS v.4.2 is a great example of cutting edge technology and platform reliability, which can be a rare combination in the construction specific ERP market,” said Mike Bihlmeier, president, Computer Guidance Corporation. “CGC seeks feedback from customers when we develop new solutions, because we believe our job is to help them do more with less effort, including providing new ways to capture, share and manage data that leads to proactive decision making that positively impacts their bottom line. . “

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