Completely ruined by a rootkit. Redistributables removed, permissions changed


Rootkit this and rootkit that. I’m basically Windows illiterate and in all honesty have no idea what I’m talking about.

However, this rootkit/Trojan is truly ruining my senior year of school/senior year in high school and I honestly don’t know what to do

Back in February 2022.02.01 I foolishly downloaded a cheat/hack for the seemingly harmless game kingdom come deliverance just so i can speed up the grinding elements of this sound game. But instead of adding over 10,000 coins to my character, my entire privacy was compromised. My discord has become an entire scam market. My family’s Netflix, School Teams, Spotify, Gmail, Instagram, and Twitter have all changed passwords, and all of my schoolwork stored in Google Drive has yet to be unlocked. All I managed to recover except the Google drive… After several searches for antivirus/spyware/bootkit/rootkit and lots of advice from various tech support and live chats, I decided to reset my PC in the factory. Everything was fine after that but only at first.

Before April 3 months after factory reset everything was working pretty well, probably because I was using various checks and stage authenticators etc. However, I was constantly suspicious and noticed that my PC was slowly degrading. (OBS. During this time I was extremely catty not to download anything stupid”) Then randomly I got warning messages in the splash screen saying “Memory modules were found on unoptimized slots” and weird issues with integrated graphics. Then my GPU started showing 0% usage in my task manager which never used had been a problem before. A few days after that , my Nvidia control panel disappeared randomly and I couldn’t do any troubleshooting Now a few days ago folder permissions were completely changed and basic Unity Programs can no longer be run due to missing redistributables. I then performed FRST.scans in the admin vault and eventually found a trojan related to “Google Chrome extensions” in which I then deleted, but for that just switch to another program.

I decided to do another reset as well as upgrade a Windows 10 media on top of that. Now, after the third reset, I ran the GMER anti-root kit, in which it immediately shows a warning of multiple affected rootkits, but it hangs after 10 seconds, showing the use of “fxwdrpod.sys” crash.

I hesitate to upload the FRST scans because they are so publicly revealing. But here are the scan logs for GMER 2.2.19882 (before it asks me to do a full scan, because then it crashes)

Rootkit analysis 2022-05-07 09:14:04

Windows 6.2.9200 x64 DeviceHard Disk0DR0 -> Device