CloudBees Advances DevOps with Compliance and Feature Metrics

CloudBees is expanding its software delivery platform with a series of updates announced at the company’s DevOps World 2021 virtual conference on September 29.

One of the updates is the addition of functionality metric monitoring capabilities that are built into both continuous integration and continuous deployment within the CloudBees platform. By using a feature indicator approach, developers can gradually add features to a release during a phased deployment. Feature indicators allow developers to quickly test new features, with the ability to roll back if things don’t work out as expected.

CloudBees is also adding a new compliance service to its platform to provide more control and governance over the software development lifecycle.

CloudBees has actually had feature indicator capabilities for several years, Nick Rendall, the company’s senior product marketing manager, told a news conference at DevOps World. However, the challenge was that, until now, functionality metrics have been managed with a separate set of tools that were not tightly integrated with CloudBees continuous integration / continuous delivery (CI / CD) services.

“We really believe that functionality metrics can’t happen in a separate silo from the rest of the software delivery processes,” said Rendall. “So our focus right now is how to automate and bridge that gap between a feature indicator management tool and CI / CD with the visibility and governance required within DevOps teams?” “

CloudBees integrates functionality metrics with CI / CD for DevOps

What CloudBees is now adding to its platform is the ability to create, delete, or update reporting progressions as part of CI / CD jobs, Rendall said.

Prior to the new integration, managing functionality metrics as part of CI / CD was a more manual process. With the update, Rendall said the goal is to automate the management of functionality metrics within a CI / CD development pipeline. As such, functionality flags will be subject to the same policy rules for code integration, including automated testing, as non-functionality flag code.

CloudBees now provides developers with centralized configuration, visibility and control of feature metrics for code integration and deployment, he said.

CloudBees to Strengthen DevOps Compliance

Beyond integrating functionality metrics into the CI / CD process, CloudBees also seeks to integrate compliance.

Prakash Sethuraman, chief information security officer at CloudBees, explained at a DevOps World conference that while all organizations take security and compliance seriously, there hasn’t really been a centralized way to manage compliance in the CI / CD DevOps process. Developers often use multiple tools offline, which can complicate compliance efforts, he said.

The CloudBees Compliance Service provides a predefined library of industry best practices and compliance rules. The new service also integrates with open source security compliance scanners, as well as the best security solutions on the market, Sethuraman said. CloudBees compliance will look at the entire software deployment environment, including source code, network configuration, data, and user identities.

“Compliance allows compliance teams to simply and declaratively state what is good, safety and security,” he said.

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