Chatsworth Police urge residents to report all crime-related incidents


Chatsworth SAPS management is urging community members to report all crime-related incidents to the police station so that the men and women in blue can investigate, which could result in the arrest of the perpetrators.

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It comes after police noticed that many victims of crime took to social media to talk about the incident, but failed to open a case at the train station.

“These individuals do not open files at the police station for investigation, which can lead to the arrest of offenders. By reporting cases, the police are also able to offer trauma counseling services at the Victim Friendly Facility to help victims reintegrate into society, ”explained Chatsworth SAPS Communications Officer Cpt Cheryl Pillay .

She said Chatsworth Police officers remain committed to improving service delivery and tackling crime in the police station.

“By collecting data from complaints and cases, analysts are able to identify crime trends and patterns that help police coordinate, plan and execute strategies to combat crime. Police can also identify hot spots within the compound, which through targeted crime prevention operations, police can apprehend suspects. It will also allow the police to network with other force multipliers, such as the Metropolitan Police, CPFs, sector crime forums, security companies and other stakeholders, who share a common ground. common goal of fighting crime in Chatsworth, ”she continued.

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She mentioned that every resident of Chatsworth can play a vital role in reducing crime to zero.

“We encourage residents to partner with the local police by calling Chatsworth SAPS on 031 451-4264 / 4218 or the police emergency services on 10111,” she concluded.

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