Call for Papers on Air Monitoring Envirotech Online

Have you completed a project or launched a problem-solving solution for air emissions or air quality monitoring?

If so, you can now submit an abstract for a presentation to be made at AQE 2022 – an international conference on air quality and emissions monitoring taking place October 12-13 in Telford, Australia. UK.

All abstracts should introduce new applications or techniques and should highlight technical concerns. Topics include: waste-to-energy applications, smart sensors, air quality, data interpretation, conformity, biogenic carbon emissions, Mercury and methane monitoring. (For more suggestions, see our abstract submission page.) Submissions close on 1st of July.

In more than a decade, EQA has cemented its reputation as one of the industry’s premier conferences, becoming a must-attend event on the industry calendar. In front of an international audience, AQE will showcase the latest air monitoring instruments and services from over 100 companies. Over two days, attendees can choose from a range of certified technical workshops on applications, regulations and emerging technologies. Highly appreciated by professionals in the air quality and emissions monitoring sectors, EQA 2022 promises to be a unique opportunity for dialogue between process operators, environmental managers, policy makers , researchers and regulators.

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