BoomerTECH Adventures: How do I get this thing to work?

You think you know what you’re doing and then… you’re stuck!

• You are having difficulty with Zoom and cannot join a scheduled meeting.

You want to install a new weather app on your smartphone, but you don’t know how.

You have photos to send to a friend.

An essential part of using our own technology, tablet, laptop, watch, smartphone or any other device is knowing what to do when things don’t go the way you expected.

Ways to solve your question or technical problem

1. Sometimes you need a real person. Do you have someone you know and trust on technical matters who you can call or chat with? A family member, friend, maybe even someone you took a tech class with who is ready to help you with a simple occasional fix. Many libraries have “help desks” where they help people who have questions about using computers, smartphones and tablets. You don’t want to overdo your welcome with lots of requests every day, but sometimes you need a personal touch to get through all the haze and point you in the right direction.

2. Do a simple search. Google your question… or use your favorite search engine. Ask a short question that includes the specific name of the device you are working on. Something like “MY IPHONE 11 BATTERY IS DISCHARGING TOO QUICKLY” or “HOW CAN I DIMINISH THE SCREEN OF MY ANDROID TABLET?” At the end of your question (or statement), write RESOLVED to find cases where this problem has been resolved. Your search will give you thousands of responses, but remember the best will be at the top of the first page, so focus your attention on those and ignore the ads at the very top. Check the websites and description to find the best and most reliable answer to your question.

3. Sometimes you need to SEE, not just read a solution. Instead of reading up on adjusting your smartphone’s settings or how to edit a video, go to YouTube to see videos of these skills in action. You will have to do a research as you did for the written articles and then choose wisely from the videos that are presented to you. Try one, two, or three videos to see if they show what you want to learn and in a way that you find easy to follow.

4. Go straight to a how-to website with a large number of how-to articles or video tutorials. This can be faster and more efficient than setting up your own research as described in # 2 above. Sites like TapSmart, LifeWire, and Apple Tutorials have dozens of answers to specific questions you have about any aspect of your device. “The device is not charging? Here’s what to do. Photography Tips – 7 Ways To Improve Your Smartphone’s Shots. These are useful sites and can answer your specific questions in the present as well as encourage you to read other articles which may answer questions you didn’t know you had!

5. What are others saying about this same problem or problem? One specific type of answer that you can find through a simple search are FORUMS – discussions with multiple answers on the topic that interests you. Forums can be useful but be careful as they can also be a huge waste of time. Forums often have a lot of off-topic comments that won’t help you answer your question. Remember to include the word “RESOLVED” at the end of your search (see tip # 1 above) to focus on the answers that actually answered a question rather than just discussing a question. problem encountered by someone.

6. Do not neglect the HELP and TECHNICAL SUPPORT section of the software or application you are using. Often times, this can be the best source of information to resolve your issue. The HELP section replaced the manual that was previously included with the software and hardware. The HELP section of an app or website offers several types of support, often video tutorials, a user guide, and more. TECH SUPPORT is a similar source of support for applications or software. On a computer, see the HELP section at the top of your toolbar or SUPPORT in an application. Often times, you will have different opportunities to communicate by email, phone or chat. Help lines where you speak directly to a real person are rare, but chats take place in real time and emails allow you to think about your problem and describe it exactly.

Lesson Learned: Knowing how to answer your own questions is essential for anyone who uses their personal technology. Don’t let a problem hold you back when you’re ready to learn.

BoomerTECH Adventures ( provides expert advice and resources to help baby boomers and seniors build skills and confidencethis using their Apple devices. The baby boomers themselves, BoomerTECH Adventures leverages their skills as educators to create experiences that meet individual needs through timely videos, Zoom presentations, tech tips, and blog posts.

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