Best words to start word games with

Wordle uses letter placement clues to find the word of the day in six guesses. Which word is strategically best to start with?

Much of the gameplay in a daily round of Wordle comes down to guesswork rather than strategy, at least when it comes to choosing the first word to start with. The more guesswork a player makes, the easier it is to determine what the solution might be, which makes critical thinking more essential the longer the puzzle gets. However, Wordle only allows six guesses before a player actually loses the round, which means that in order to optimize their strategy, players will need to be very careful from the start, choosing a seed word that should theoretically increase the speed at which they can reach the answer.


Although Wordle has been around for just under a year now, it only started to gain traction in the last two weeks of December 2021, and as the new year begins, many are swept away by the hype. The principle is similar to other famous puzzle games. The players are presented with a space of five letters, in which they must put a word of their choice. Wordle more or less follows the rule of Scrabble when it comes to accepted words. From there, the boxes will be highlighted in different colors depending on whether the letters are wrongly placed or wrongly chosen. The goal is to move the letters around by making different guesses until the solution is found.

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In addition to its accessible user interface, simple premises and short playing time, the social aspect of Wordle is arguably what has drawn so much attention to her. The game makes it easy to share the game on Twitter or other social platforms without ruining the response for other gamers, and the fact that it is so easy to access compared to similar games that might require downloading to one. app store or game console to play means it’s easy for Wordle fans to engage their friends and family. A rather active online community has been built around Wordle already too, with players posting solutions for others, optimizing the game with the use of bots, and sharing strategy tips for those looking to better their friends.

Best Words to Start Wordle – Soare

Best words to start word games with Soare Bot

Engineer Bertrand Fan is one of those Wordle player, and at the end of November 2021, he set about determining the most optimal starting word for a Wordle round, basing your research on similar word games like Wheel of Fortune and even by analyzing all the words of the Concise Oxford Dictionary. Then, by looking in the source code of Wordle, he was able to examine the game’s solution board to calculate the letter frequency of each possible solution. The result is the word “soare,” an outdated term for a young hawk. It’s almost certainly a guess most gamers would never have thought of.

Best Words to Start Wordle – Roate

Best Words To Start Word Games With Raise Roate

At the top of the list of possible solutions, Wordle Also hosts a list of possible guesses – words the game will accept as valid but never appear as one of the daily answers. Programmer Tyler Glaiel has set up a bot to find the most efficient guessing method Wordle answers and found that although “roate” was the ideal first guess in theory, it was not present on the solution board and therefore would never allow players to achieve a “hole-in-one” guess correctly word on the first try.

Best Words to Start Wordle – Raise

While words like “roate” could serve as an effective starting point for players who aren’t too worried about potentially solving Wordle with just one guess, those who want to at least try to achieve a concise victory might instead try the word “increase”, similarly calculated by Glaiel to provide players with a way to solve Wordle in an average of just 3.5 guesses. Although it may be slightly less optimal, it is better known and may be easier to Wordle players should remember each time they start the game as part of their daily playing routine.

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Source: Bertrand Fan, Tyler Glaiel

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