application: IT boost for railway hospitals; OPD service by scanning the QR code and access to laboratory reports on the app for employees and retirees | India News

NEW DELHI: With the aim of transforming the management of 695 railway hospitals and other health units and offering continuous service to patients, Indian Railways completed 100% coverage of integrated health management services ( IHMS) web-based services for all of its healthcare services. units across the country.
Almost 42 lakhs of railway workers, retirees and their family members have Unique Medical Identity Cards (UMIDs) and can now register directly for OPD services by scanning the QR code stuck to the outside the doctor’s office using a mobile app and even checking their queue number in the app.
The project will benefit more than 75 lakh railway workers, retirees and their families, said Puneet Chawla, president and CEO of RailTel, a rail PSU, which implemented it.
The IHMS is an integrated clinical information system that has been deployed by the railways to improve the patient experience. “This solution covers the entire spectrum of hospital administration with around 25 modules relevant to railway hospitals, including clinical services, patient services and ancillary modules such as OPD, IPD, laboratories, pharmacy, referrals , medical examinations, illness certifications and reimbursement of medical claims, ”said a spokesperson for RailTel.
He added that a mobile application was in use and allows beneficiaries to self-register. They can use the app to check the availability of specialties, medications, and lab tests at any rail hospital before traveling. This ensures easy access to patient information regarding their OPD records, physician orders and lab reports. An official said that with this, patients have been allowed easy access to all of their health records whenever they need them.
“The app also notifies the patient of the availability of his test reports for download and medications for collection. The IHMS personalizes clinical data based on departments and laboratories, multi-hospital functionalities that offer cross-consultation, a transparent interface with medical and other equipment, ”the spokesperson said.
The new ecosystem is also helping physicians deliver services faster by supporting clinical knowledge.
Officials said the Inpatient Service Module (IPD) has been implemented through which patients can be admitted and discharged and all clinical processes of drugs and procedures administered, including generation of a online output summary. “The processes related to the management of referrals and the certification of patients have also been activated in the system for transparent administrative management,” said an official.

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