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Note: This is a guest post written by Jeeva Shanmugam

Windows is one of Microsoft’s top performers, and it’s the most popular operating system for internet users, it is really adaptable and has many customizable features.

Lately, Windows sent out its newest version Windows 11 which is different from previous versions, Windows 11 received a ton of entirely different updates with additional stuff, and Microsoft relaunched the Windows UI with the arrival of Windows 11.

Windows is good to use in any case, on the other hand, many users ask for the best alternatives to windows operating system because it has a lot of controversial issues regarding privacy and security on Windows 11. Even though Windows accompanies its special privacy screen in the settings table, many users do not want to opt for Windows just because it is buggy software.

The Windows operating system is buggy because many old framework equipment and explicit operating system changes are being cycled to transition to the similarity of Windows 11 by the Windows group and hardware manufacturers.

But as a hardcore Windows user, I’m facing lots of bugs, and The latest Windows 11 update cause even more problems. Windows 11 has a different look, its user interface has been refreshed overall and looks like Windows 10, but the constant stream of bugs has continued. Following the latest security update (KB5012643) on April 26, many Windows 11 users disapprove of the implementation and a tainted Safe Mode.

If you are looking for the best alternatives to windows operating system, You are in the right place. In this article, we are going to find the best alternatives to windows operating system.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the article

Linux is one of my favorite OS and the best alternative to windows operating system. More of my tech-savvy friends use the Linux operating system as their primary operating system to accomplish complex tasks.

Linux is used in the manner that comes with it, specifically as Server operating system for web servers, dataset servers, document servers, mail servers and any other type of shared server. Intended to support high-volume, multi-threaded applications, Linux is suitable for a wide range of server applications.

Linux is better than Windows in many cases, for example, in Windows, many projects are running behind the scenes and gobbling up RAM. In addition, under Linux, the registration framework is particularly coordinated. Linux, right off the bat, is extremely lightweight while Windows is fat. Linux is generally faster than Windows.

To upgrade to Windows 11, you can use Linux all things considered. That’s the way to make the change to a open-source operating system and present applications.

And the good part is that Linux is a free and open-source operating system provided under the General Public License (GPL). Anyone can run, study, modify, and rearrange the source code, or even sell duplicates of their modified code.

Download the Linux operating system for your computer | Portable

If you are tired of using heavy software especially if you have an old PC and it is slow to run Windows, just give your old PC a polished look by upgrading to Chromium OS. Windows 11 vs Chromium, which is better? When investigating the two operating systems, analysts favored the ease of setting up Chromium OS, alongside the organization.

The operating system is not feature-rich, and you cannot download all software that supports other PC operating systems. But you can still download software available for Linux in ChromeOS.

As I mentioned earlier, Chrome OS is a lightweight operating system unlike Windows 10 and macOS. Indeed, the operating system revolves around the Chrome app and web cycles. Unlike Windows 10 and macOS, you can’t introduce external programming to a Chromebook; all apps you get are from google play store.

Chrome OS is an open source operating system. This means that, unlike Windows, manufacturers can use it for nothing. It’s one of the reasons why Chromebooks are so reasonable.

Download Chrome OS free for your computer | Portable

Illumos is a software solidification of Unix-based programming that forms the center of an operating system. It integrates bit, device drivers, core framework libraries and utilities. It’s home to many advancements including ZFS, DTrace, Zones, CTF, and FMA, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Iluumos gives state-of-the-art highlights to downstream transports, including advanced system debugging, state-of-the-art file system, systems administration, and virtualization options.

Illumos is also a free open source software that offers advanced features to its users.

Download Illumos OS free for your computer | Portable

FreeDOS is a free programming operating system for viable IBM PC PCs. This means giving a full MS-DOS environment to run legacy programming and support the inserted operating system. FreeDOS can be booted from a floppy disk or a USB drive.

Unlike other operating systems, Free Dos is a bit of a retro operating system which is equal to MS-Dos, if you have the oldest PC and want to give it a refreshed look, you can use Free Dos on your PC.

Download Dos free for your computer | Portable

FreeBSD is another operating system used to control current servers, work areas, and implanted stages. An immense territory which has not stopped evolving for more than thirty years.

FreeBSD contains an adaptable operating system that runs more reliably and skillfully on a server than Ubuntu and Windows frameworks. FreeBSD is appreciated in the event that we offer to modify and rebuild the operating system in the absence of any source code distribution.

FreeBSD is a great operating system, but, in my opinion, it doesn’t come with a working environment. Without introducing additional programming from FreeBSD’s assortment of ports and bundles, FreeBSD is a command line just a preview

Free download BSD operating system for computer | Portable

These are all 5 best free alternatives to windows operating system, that we have handpicked for you. We’ll update this recap when we find more to come. best alternatives to windows delivered in the future. Assuming you know some operating system that you are using and observing, we forgot to remember the above list kindly note it in the comment section.

Thanks for reading and assuming you find them 5 Best Free Alternatives to Windows OS accommodating, go ahead and share them with your friends.

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