A Raspberry Pi handheld you might want to use

Among the many wondrous form factors explored by cyberdeck makers, there is one that has emerged that is reminiscent of an earlier generation of laptops: the portable pad with a keyboard. These units are typically the size of a hardback book, with the top half being a screen and the bottom half a keyboard. The last to come comes from [Richard Sutherland]and it is a very tidy pad computer indeed.

Inside the well-designed, layered 3D-printed case is the frequently chosen Raspberry Pi 4, along with a PiSugar power board and a 5,000mAh battery and 4.3-inch touchscreen. The keyboard has been given a lot of care and attention, with high quality tactile switches that follow the Miryoku keyboard layout. It says it’s a thumb-typing keyboard, but anyone looking for more can either tailor the design to their liking or simply plug in an external card when faster typing is needed.

We like the laptop trend because they offer useful computing power in a much more convenient form factor than a laptop, and we think this one is particularly nice. It would be nice to see where people take this design, and who knows, we might try to write Hackaday articles. If you want to see more pad computer qualities, we recently showed you one built into the shell of a classic Amstrad.

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