A Pixel Tablet Pro could also be on the way

About a week ago, developer Kuba Wajciechowski revealed via Twitter that he found information in the Android AOSP code that indicates that the Pixel tablet will be very average in its spec layout. Citing the findings of what appears to be only 4GB of RAM, the stock Tensor SoC, and a lack of cellular and GPS connectivity, the Pixel tablet appears to be staying firmly in the path it’s intended for: home use as a Nest Hub type device.

What we know (unofficially) is that the tablet will also act as a Nest Hub. It was first reported by 9to5Google (https://t.co/0sMlGqLvRO) and the code that Google added in its proprietary code on Android also seems to confirm the story.

Knowing that’s 100% the intention of the new Pixel tablet, a mid-range spec sheet makes sense. Assuming the base comes with a decent speaker and the interface gives the user a true Nest Hub and Android tablet experience, I think Google could approach this device in the right way. It’s no secret that Apple dominates this industry with the various iPad versions, and a nice Android tablet from Google would probably fall flat.

A versatile home tablet for the whole family is much more like something Google can achieve and much more interesting too. We have several Nest Hubs around the house, and there are a few times I’d like to tear the screen away from the base and continue a search or other Google Assistant query. The Pixel tablet should offer just that.

A premium Pixel tablet isn’t out of place

However, it looks like Google isn’t ready to cede the high-end tablet market just yet. While I strongly believe the mid-range (and affordable) approach is probably the best idea for them right now, it looks like a ‘Pro’ version of the Pixel tablet may emerge as well. Again, this information comes from the same Twitter account and is taken from hardware references in Google’s latest Android QPR1 beta.

Google today released the first beta of Android 13 QPR1 and with it many updated codes including new camera drivers revealing some details about their upcoming products. I found some details about an as yet unknown foldable, another tablet and more 👇 https://t.co/z5dtKAEv43

In this thread, Wajciechowski finds a reference to a device code named ‘T6Pro’ and ‘tangorpro’. Both ‘T6’ and ‘Tagor’ are used to reference the standard Pixel tablet in the Android source code, so it doesn’t take too long to put it all together. At the moment there are no real changes in this device compared to the standard model, but that’s early.

I imagine we could see the Pixel Tablet Pro launch with Tensor or Tensor 2, more RAM, more storage, and maybe a better screen or better build quality. The Pixel Tablet’s cameras are in line with what we see on the Pixel 6a, so this is another place where the Pixel Tablet Pro could also separate itself from the standard version.

If Google ends up adding cellular connectivity, GPS, and other expected mobile device hardware, this tablet could end up being the competitor to the iPad that many would like to see Google try. There are so many questions at this point that until more information is revealed, we’ll just be guessing at best in an attempt to answer one of them. The one thing I can confidently assume is that when Google unveils the Pixel tablet they already showed us at Google I/O, that Pro model will also be there. How they market and position it will likely remain a mystery until more clues emerge.

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