A Peloton rower is mentioned in the hidden code of the Android application

It has long been said that a Peloton rower would be the next device in the premium fitness brand’s series – after the bike and treadmill – and the code hidden in Peloton’s Android app would appear to confirm that such equipment is of course.

As spotted by 9to5Google, the latest Peloton app for Android includes references to starting positions for rowing strokes, as well as scenic backgrounds that could accompany your virtual trip down a virtual river.

It looks like two rowers are on the way, with the codenames Mazu and Caesar, and the app’s functionality is being prepared to track the statistics of the rowing sessions – these should include the total number strokes, the maximum stroke frequency and the average stroke frequency.

What we know so far

There has been talk of a Peloton rower for years, and it’s not hard to see why: A rower is the next obvious choice for the Peloton line of equipment, given their popularity already in terms of home fitness and fitness. sports Hall.

An eagle-eyed visitor to Peloton’s research labs once spotted a rower in development, and last month a job listing at Peloton specifically mentioned rowers alongside bikes and treadmills – though no such device has been announced.

As for when the Peloton Rower could go official, if the preparatory work is already done in the Android app, it can’t be far. An unveiling could take place before the end of the year, although of course the company’s plans are always subject to change.

Analysis: the home fitness boom continues

You don’t have to be an industry expert to understand why home fitness equipment remains extremely popular right now – for obvious reasons, we’ve all spent more time indoors and less. time outdoors (or at the gym). ).

While the Peloton Bike and Treadmill models are very expensive, most reviewers agree that the high cost of entry is well worth it: the combination of live-streamed lessons and excellent build quality on the road. The equipment itself seems to convince most people.

Of course, other brands are available – we have up-to-date deals on a range of exercise bikes and treadmills for you to check out – but Peloton seems to be keen to make the most of the home fitness boom before we do. many of us don’t head back to gyms or local parks to make sure we’re getting enough exercise.

Peloton is unlikely to stop with the rower too: there are rumors he’s busy working out on a device to turn your TV into a connected fitness class streamer, a set of weight training equipment, and a portable device to monitor your heart rate.

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