A parliamentary committee opposes the GAY airport code for Gaya

The ‘GAY’ codename for Gaya airport is ‘offensive, embarrassing and inappropriate’ and the government must do everything possible to get it changed, a parliamentary panel said in its report.

The Public Enterprises Committee, in its first report tabled in Parliament in January 2021, recommended changing the codename of Gaya Airport, assigned by the global trade body International Air Transport Association (IATA). He suggested that a more “appropriate” code like “YAG” could be assigned.

“The Committee is concerned that Gaya is a holy city, residents might find it offensive or embarrassing that their city is recognized by the international community under the code name ‘GAY’. The Committee also finds this inappropriate and unsuitable,” he said. . noted. He called on the Indian government and Air India to carry out “consultations and formalities within a specified period” to get the name changed.

A Committee report filed last week recorded the Department of Civil Aviation’s response to the matter, which informed it of IATA’s response. “IATA has stated that location codes are considered permanent and cannot be changed without strong justification primarily relating to aviation safety,” the department said.

But the panel was unhappy with the response and urged the government to pursue the matter with IATA.

IATA assigns a two-character code name to airlines and a three-character code to airports for easy identification. These are also fundamental for the proper functioning of hundreds of electronic applications.

The three-letter code, visible on a ticket or on display screens at airports, is determined by first ensuring that it is unique and not used by any other airport. These are assigned based on airport name or city name or any other relevant identifier.

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